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    Quirky Life Enthusiasts

    Welcome to the group of quirky life enthusiasts, on a mission to change an industry. We live and breathe human interactions, new relationships, and being exactly who we were meant to be. More than anything, we feel lucky to be able to provide others with positive experiences.

    LOGiQ3 is more than a company of insurance industry experts - we're your local barista, cheery postman, and your favourite cab driver. Making your life easier and delightful is our aim. We believe that this can be done when you're given the freedom to be you, whatever that involves. 

    When you need advice, we'll lend an ear and give you what you need to figure it all out. It's important to have that freedom to grow and thrive at work, at home, and at life.

    Let us be your cup of coffee - a source of fuel, focus, relaxation, and Freedom to Think

    Our People  

    Our team of experts provides life insurance and reinsurance consulting and outsourced services. LOGiQ3 delivers long-term strategic solutions, short-term tactical support, and training across underwriting, reinsurance administration, claims and auditing.

    Risk management is at the core of all the services that LOGiQ3 delivers. The risks inherent across the functions of life insurance and reinsurance are increasing and the consequences of not managing those risks grow larger if left unchecked. In today's environment, the organizations that succeed will be those with the ability to identify and then effectively manage those risks. We can help.

    Our main focus is providing knowledgeable resources and delivering solutions that incorporate best practice processes and risk management across all business functions. 


    The Advisory Board 

    We value the advice from industry experts and is priviledge to have an Advisory Board comprised of influential experts within the insurance industry - ranging from insurance distribution, underwriting, actuarial, consulting to entrepreneurship. 


    Clients & Partners 

    Providing exceptional service to our clients and building ever-lasting relationships with our partners is at the forefront of LOGiQ3. When our clients and partners succeed, we succeed. 

    The LOGiQ3 Customer & Partner Delight Program allows our clients and partners to build a stronger relationship with us by sharing insights, feedback, and successes, ultimately increasing visibility and recognition as thought leaders for both organizations and allowing us to heighten the experience. 

    Learn more about our Delight Program and what people have to say about us!

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    Our Culture

    At LOGiQ3, our culture is what defines us, it is a collective consciouness that is infused in our organization and our people. We strive to be a collaborative culture, whether that is internally with our own employees or externally with our clients and partners. 

    The combination of our 11 Maxims and Core Behaviours help us drive our performance. We truly believe a high performing culture drives a high performing business. 

    Learn more about our culture, our maxims, and how we recruit for fit. 


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