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LOGiQ³ addresses the important issues. We have extensive knowledge of all facets of life reinsurance operations, technology and business processes. By specializing in this industry segment, we’re able to deliver a level of service that sits on the leading edge of the industry.

About LOGiQ3

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About LOGiQ3

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About LOGiQ3

a consulting and outsourcing company

LOGiQ3's experienced team provides life insurance and reinsurance consulting and outsourced services. LOGiQ³ delivers long-term strategic solutions and short-term tactical support across underwriting, reinsurance administration, claims and auditing.

Risk management is at the core of all the services that LOGiQ3 delivers. The risks inherent across the functions of life insurance and reinsurance are increasing and the consequences of not managing those risks grow larger if left unchecked. In today's environment, the organizations that succeed will be those with the ability to identify and then effectively manage those risks. We can help.

At LOGiQ3, our main focus is providing knowledgeable resources and delivering solutions that incorporate best practice processes and risk management across all business functions. 

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