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What Makes Us Tick...

At LOGiQ³, our culture is what defines us. We live and breathe our Maxims.

Core Behaviours

Trust, Respect, Integrity

Innovation Thinking

Simplicity & Speed

Continuous Improvement

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Our Culture

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At LOGiQ3, our culture is what defines us, it is the collective consciousness that is infused in our organization and our people.

We define culture as:

  • Aligning actions, behaviours, and maxims (values)
  • Organization's signature to the people inside and outside the organization

Our culture is one where there is consideration for people and their ideas which is fueled by trust, candor, respect, encouragement, emotional support, and appreciation; enabling us to strive to provide the highest quality service to our clients, our partners, and to each other. 

At LOGiQ3, we believe culture drives performance. We hire for fit. Therefore, keeping culture moving is a key priority at our organization.

Our culture consists of five components:

  • Maxims: a set of eleven guiding principles.
  • Core Behaviours: Trust, Respect, Integrity; Innovative Thinking; Simplicity & Speed; Continuous Improvement.
  • The Great Workplace Model: a model that supports a great workplace and work/life balance including five dimensions - Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride, and Camaraderie.
  • Socially Responsible: we are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Culture Teams: ten teams made up of our employees dedicated to sustaining our corporate culture.

Do you believe YOU have what it takes? Do YOU share our Culture? If so, visit our Careers page and let us get to know you!

The 2013 Culture Book

We are very happy to share with you the latest edition of our Culture Book. The LOGiQ3 Culture Book is published on an annual basis to showcase and highlight the brains behind the scenes. Feel free to flip through our the 2013 Culture Book below (switch to full screen by clicking the expand icon on the bottom right hand corner). Our book is also available to download onto your iPad. If you are interested in receiving a hard copy, please contact Natalie Ho