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What Makes Us Tick...

At LOGiQ³, our culture is what defines us. We live and breathe our Maxims.

Freedom to think

What does it Mean?

What does our tag line "Freedom to Think" mean? The intent is to provide people (including our staff) with exactly that - the Freedom to Think beyond daily responsibilities, deadlines and challenges.

We surveyed over 300 people in 2011, and asked: "What does our tag line "Freedom to Think" mean to you? Below are responses we feel best describes "Freedom to Think".

"Inspires creative innovative ideas, out of the box thinking, where no thought should remain unexpressed and where not thoght or idea is wrong. Implies acceptance, encouragement and empowerment."

"Seeing the future. Heads up thinking!"

"No frequently used roads. Prepared to think in different ways."

"Not burdened to do things the same as the past. Fresh start. Embracing new ideas."

"Open to new ideas, no limits to imagination, exploring new realms, fostering creativity and dreams."

"Simply put, the ability to provide a fresh perspective and /or solution to an issue, and the ability to be creative thinkers in a not always creative industry."

What does you Freedom to Think mean to you? Let us help you have the Freedom to Think!