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LOGiQ³ addresses the important issues. We have extensive knowledge of all facets of life reinsurance operations, technology and business processes. By specializing in this industry segment, we’re able to deliver a level of service that sits on the leading edge of the industry.

LOGiQ3 is a catalyst for change. Through a unique combination of people, processes and technology we focus on risk management and best practices.

Our main focus is providing knowledgeable resources and delivering solutions that incorporate best practice processes and technology across all business functions.

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Industry Partners

Before partnering with a person or organization we ensure candidates share our principles and vision to servicing the reinsurance community. Furthermore, we validate candidates through our reinsurance contacts ensuring expectations and capabilities are in line. At LOGiQ3 our main focus is providing the Life Reinsurance market with knowledgeable resources delivering solutions that incorporate best practice processes and technology across all business functions.

If you or your organization can see a potential opportunity to work with LOGiQ3 then please contact us via email at partners@logiq3.com or call either Chris or Simon at +1 416 340 7435.


RAPA (Reinsurance Administrative Professional Association) aims to improve the quality and efficiency of the reinsurance administration process. This is accomplished through the sharing of effective practices, including but not limited to the collection, accounting, transmission and recording of administration data necessary for premium, risk management, claims, underwriting and valuation purposes.

LOGiQ3 works with the RAPA audit committee on the development of audit and risk management best practices and with the data management committee on the creation and adoption of standards.

For more information, please visit www.reinsadmin.org


The Canadian Association of Independent Brokerage Agencies (CAILBA) is made up of the country's life and health insurance brokerage agencies. Its mandate is to lobby provincial and federal legislative issues affecting the industry and establish uniform standards within the industry for efficient information processing. It provides an effective forum for networking and relationship building among members, insurance companies and industry vendors.

For more information, please visit www.cailba.com

LOMA Canada

The mission of LOMA Canada is to serve our Member Companies and their employees by encouraging and assisting individuals to acquire knowledge and understanding of the business of life and health insurance and related financial services.

For more information, please visit www.loma.org