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    Advisor Compliance

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    APEXA Canadian Life Insurance Advisor Screening, Contracting, and Compliance

    Becoming familiar and knowledgeable in the underwriting process will decrease the lag time needed for policy issue and increase the accuracy of applications at time of underwriting. Ultimately, it saves time for the life insurance advisor, the underwriter, and most importantly the client. We offer an array of underwriting services specifically to meet the needs of life insurance advisor and brokers.

    Life Advisor Underwriting Training

    The demand for life insurance advisor underwriting education is increasing. Demystifying the complexity of the underwriting process through knowledge translates into the financial well-being of the client, advisor, insurer and reinsurer.

    LOGiQ3 conducts underwriting training sessions for advisors on underwriting topics which range from one to two hour webinars to half day seminars to more extensive education seminars of either one or two days, covering several topics including: life, critical illness and disability underwriting. We customize the seminars to your specific business needs. Underwriting training for life insurance advisors can enhance the prestige of an MGA, insurer or service provider.


    The features of our Life Advisor Underwriting Training are:

    • Encompasses the medical, financial, and non-medical aspects of underwriting
    • Medical topics cover impairments which are commonly seen in underwriting from build, blood pressure, diabetes and cardiac to just name a few
    • Practical review of real cases to illustrate different scenarios
    • CE Accreditation obtained for every training module 


    A few benefits a life insurance advisor will gain from our Underwriting Training:

    • Equipped with knowledge to not only ensure the necessary information is provided to underwriting upfront but will also decrease the delays of the underwriting process and increase the speed to policy issue
    • Understanding of impairments and risk factors associated with mortality or morbidity
    • Effectively communicate with client on the standard, exclusion, declined or postponed offers and whether a reconsideration is possible and when
    • Complete your annual CE requirements with our training modules while learning about underwriting topics that you can truely benefit from 

    Our training program is also available as a self-study E-Learning solution! Read further about our various underwriting training solutions and try one module FREE today! 

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    Pre-Underwriting Support

    If the first step in the application process is incorrect, the life insurance advisor's case can go wrong very quickly, making recovery near impossible. The advisor, insurer and often the reinsurer have wasted time, energy and money. However, the impact to the advisor is more substantial. The advisor not only loses money but the credibility and trust of their client.

    LOGiQ3 underwriters have the expertise to help you formalize your submission with an appropriate cover letter that will not only assist the insurance and reinsurance company underwriter but also fill in any information gaps to speed up the underwriting process.

    Your knowledge of the insured and his or her needs coupled with our extensive underwriting knowledge, increase the chance for an uncomplicated underwriting process, which not only translates into a timely insurance policy but a positive client experience and increases in business referrals. Complement your sales strengths with our underwriting strengths.


    Features of our Pre-Underwriting Support services include:

    • Assist with ensuring the proper requirements are requested upfront for complex medical and financial cases
    • Liaise with the life insurance advisor, applicant and insurer during the underwriting process to avoid the piecemeal evidence gathering
    • Provide quality case management for high net worth and large premium cases


    Your knowledge of the insured and his or her needs coupled with our extensive underwriting knowledge increases the chance for an uncomplicated underwriting process. A delay in the underwriting process can result in outdated underwriting evidence which results in repeat testing, amendments and further inconveniences for the client, or even worse, the client loses interest. Time is money. The longer a case stays in underwriting the more costs it incurs for advisors, insurers and reinsurers. It’s all about the time value of money.

    Complement your sales strengths with our underwriting strengths for the following benefits:

    • Providing the appropriate information upfront accelerates the underwriting process
    • Speed-to-issue, translates into faster commissions
    • Positive client experience, leading to increase in business from referrals
    • Elimination of excessive touch points for additional information due to poor-quality evidence received in underwriting

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    Our underwriting training modules have been CE accredited. 

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