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    [TED Talk Tuesdays]: Advancing Your Career

    Posted by John Bilodeau

    May 12, 2015 10:46:13 AM


    At the March meeting of the Underwriter’s Association of Toronto, two of our senior experts at the office, Carmela Tedesco (VP Underwriting & Claims) & Mervyn Gillson (Senior Underwriting Consultant) gave a presentation focused on professional development in the Underwriting & Claims field. It was called “Hey Underwriter!  It’s Time to Own Your Career!” 

    Watching their presentation gave me the idea of focusing April’s TED tals on things that would help us all advance in our careers. I decided to start with a talk that closely mirrored some of the expert advice Carmela and Merv were giving at that UAT meeting in March. My aim was to begin with something that would get people thinking about their long-term goals. 

    Susan Colantuono’s talk “The career advice you probably didn't get” describes the sets of skills required for advancement beyond the level of middle management. Susan’s talk encourages us to avoid professional stagnation through engagement with our industry and with our companies’ larger goals. Her talk reveals the danger of being passive about the direction of our work lives.

    We need to do more than create a plan for ourselves though, we need to implement it and bring other people along for the ride. Julian Treasure’s talk “How to speak so that people want to listen” provides helpful and insightful tips to maximize our abilities to communicate. His vision of clear and helpful communication inspires us to develop the power of the tools we use to present our ideas to others.

    No one can learn without making mistakes. No one can make hard decisions without recognizing the alternatives they did not select.

    Part of everyone’s development is learning to cope with these losses and recognize their worth. Lots of motivational effort is put into telling us to live our lives without regret, so I was very interested in hearing what Kathryn Shulz had to say in her talk about embracing regret. Developing the tools to cope with mistakes enables us to face the future without the anxiety of having to be perfect. Success requires resilience and adaptability in the face of losses and unexpected changes.


    John Bilodeau is Bilingual Underwriter at LOGiQ3
    Meet John

    The final talk we watched provided a “big picture” description of the cultures of our work places. David Logan’s talk on tribal leadership describes different types of teams we all belong to and the basic principles of leadership within those groups. He underlines the fact that our individual professional development never happens in isolation. We benefit from the leadership of others, but we also have opportunities to bring people together. David’s talk helps us to understand not only the teams we participate in but also the contributions we can make to elevate them.  

    As an underwriting professional looking to advance in my career, I am always looking to develop my personal growth plan. And what any professional can relate to is the fact that we CAN and SHOULD own our own careers.

    For example, LOGiQ3’s Underwriting e-Learning Program was a great way for me to enhance my knowledge within my specific field. This is a perfect example of utilizing the things that are made available to me, to take my career into my own hands and continuously learn. If you’re in the Underwriting profession, I encourage you to sign up for a free trial and take one module for a test drive. 

    I happen to be in an industry where “23% of life underwriters expect to continue working in a life underwriting role for 5 years or less”. Does that sound alarming to you? 

    I will leave you with a question. What are YOU doing to OWN YOUR career? 

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    Claims Decision: The Impact of Cause of Death

    Posted by Fernanda Rodriguez

    May 6, 2015 2:25:00 PM


    What an honour it was to be part of the Eastern Claims Conference this past February! This year’s conference contained excellent quality claims content and speakers. And, there were attendees from all over the world, including Argentina! What was great for me as a claims professional attending this conference was that I got to benefit directly in seeing what the upcoming trends in Claims are for 2015 and how these may be relevant or benefit our current suite of claims services.  


    Fernanda Rodriguez is Senior Claims Consultant at LOGiQ3
    Meet Fernanda 

    Every presentation that I attended was of great value. Legal update presentations always seem to pique my interest; however, this time “Manner of Death” by Dr. Elliot Gross and Mark Stephenson was my favourite!  

    Have you ever wondered how experts come to conclusion on how exactly a person died? If you watch CSI, Bones or any similar TV shows, you’ve likely seen a team of experts with very sophisticated technology making that determination at high speed aka, 42 minutes of primetime television airtime. 

    Well…the process is not as fast and sleek as those shows may make it seem, but it is fascinating to understand the work that goes into it.  

    I learned how important it is for the medical examiner to be given all information about the circumstances surrounding the death to come to an accurate conclusion as one little detail can change the cause from foreseeable to not foreseeable, accidental to non-accidental, and so on. The medical examiner must also be aware of any pending investigations, as the results may change the cause of death and therefore, affect the claim’s outcome. 

    Let me propose a scenario with a significant impact on claims
    due to a simple change in the cause of death: 

    Let’s say a contestable claim arrives where the cause of death is due to suicide. Given the cause of death of suicide in the first two years, the face amount is not payable and only a refund of premiums would be payable, as would be done for misrepresentation. Therefore, you decide to waive the contestable investigation. However, later on you receive information that reports the cause of death to be something other than suicide… By now you may no longer have the right to pursue a contestable investigation as you previously waived it…

    What do you do? 

    I will leave you with the question! However, if you're left wondering what the best practice is in this scenario, reach out and we’d be happy to discuss our experience.

    As expert providers of claims adjudication and claims admnistration, we’re here to help you ask the right questions, pay the right claims and do the right thing! I invite you to follow the link below to learn more about our claims services and how we can answer the right questions, together! 

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    [TED Talk Tuesdays]: 4 Examples of Power that Drives Transformation

    Posted by John Bilodeau

    Apr 7, 2015 7:13:00 PM

    TED-Tuesday-Lightbulb photo by flickr user: featureset1

    This is the first of a multi-part [TED Talk Tuesdays] Series 

    This month at LOGiQ3 we watched 4 TED talks as part of our TED Tuesdays series, which invites all of our employees to spend one lunch hour a week together watching and discussing a TED talk selected by their fellow colleagues. 

    We began with Chris’ favorite TED Talk to launch the month: Luis van Ahn’s talk about online collaboration. This talk brought up a number of interesting ideas about the power of collaboration, as the nature of work is transformed by the technologies that increasingly connect us all. 

    The next talk we watched was Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work. In this talk, Shawn makes the case for the power of happiness to drive success, and provided practical tools that have been proven to help people take control of their personal happiness. 

    The focus on empowerment and engagement continued with Ruth Chang: How to make hard choices.

    We had a lively discussion about her idea that when we make hard choices we have a unique opportunity to express our identity.

    Rather than reacting to difficult decisions with stress and indecision, Dr. Chang encourages us to reflect deeply on the type of person we want to be, and to use these defining moments to our advantage.


    John Bilodeau is Bilingual Underwriter at LOGiQ3
    Meet John

    Finally, we are ended the month with Sal Khan’s discussion of the power of video to transform education. Salman Khan talks about how and why he created the remarkable Khan Academy. He shows the power of interactive exercises, and calls for teaches to consider flipping the traditional classroom script – give students video lectures to watch at home, and do ‘homework’ in the classroom with the teacher available to help. 

    As you can imagine, Khan’s work resonates particularly with us. We strongly believe in the power of new kinds of communication to transform learning and professional development. Before being introduced to Khan and his work, our Underwriting E-Learning Training Program was well under development and over the course of the last couple of years, we have experienced first-hand, the power of interactive learning.

    Since then, we have implemented a similar hybrid program into our clients’ learning environment – self E-Learning, and onsite classroom time for case study discussions and Q&A. This model has proven to succeed and we look forward to introducing this model for underwriting training to more insurance companies and universities and colleges in the future.

    Although these seem like wide-ranging topics, these TED talks all express a belief in the power of people to work together to transform the ways things have always been done. They show that using technology, our connections to each other, and our deeply-held maxims, our decisions have the power to change the status quo. 

    I urge you to join in virtually at our next TED Talk Tuesday!

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    [CEO Series]: New Focus to Benefit our Clients

    Posted by Raymond E. DiDonna

    Apr 2, 2015 6:30:00 AM

    This is the first of a multi-part CEO Series, written by our new CEO, Raymond E. DiDonna. IMG_6145These are exciting times for LOGiQ3 and I am honored to have the opportunity to step in and lead this successful, growing company. As I thought about joining the team, I spent a lot of time thinking about the company I have gotten to know over the past couple of years as a joint venture partner, and quickly realized there are a few key things I love about LOGiQ3 that ultimately made the decision an easy one.

    First and foremost; the great team of professionals and the strong culture they embody. I can tell you this is a seriously dedicated team that also likes to have some fun. Second, the fact that they set out to have a real, meaningful impact on the insurance industry and have done just that through innovation, a lot of hard work, and by asking the question “why not”? And finally, the enviable position the company now finds itself in as a key service provider and partner to many of the largest life insurance and reinsurance companies in North America.  

    Over the past decade LOGiQ3’s owners, Chris Murumets and Simon Bell, have created a truly unique life insurance and reinsurance services company with a distinctive culture, a dedicated staff of professionals, and a loyal customer base.

    I can’t tell you how much it means to me that they have asked me to lead the company.
    It’s a compliment I will work hard every day to earn.

    So, now the task at hand is to ensure that LOGiQ3’s revenue and industry prominence continue to grow at the same rate they’ve experienced in the last 24 months. The company has matured in recent years and we know that in order to be even more successful, we will need a laser-like focus in a few key areas:

    1. Delighting our customers

    2. Consistently improving the business

    3. Strong day-to-day execution and delivery

    4. Team collaboration and professional development

    Ray Di Donna is C.E.O. at LOGiQ3
    Connect with Ray

    But, more important than what we focus on internally, is what that focus means to our customers and to the industry. You can expect LOGiQ3 to continue bringing new innovations and creative ideas to the marketplace. We will continue to have a professional staff with a level of passion and expertise that is unmatched by any competitor. And our clients will always be able to count on us for high-quality, consistent and, responsive service. I look forward to beginning the next phase of LOGiQ3 with Chris, Simon, and all of my new LOGiQ3 teammates. I promise that we will ‘bring it’ every single day.



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    Growth Requires Change

    Posted by Chris Murumets

    Apr 1, 2015 6:30:00 AM

    Image credit: Flickr user Pink Sherbet Photography

    In 2014, our business experienced a tremendous amount of growth. To be precise, our revenue grew by 43%, and we have every intention to stay on this path. However, sustained growth requires change.

    Today, I write about stepping aside as the CEO of LOGiQ3 Corp. This was not done lightly, or without immense thought, consideration, and emotion. However when you break it all down and apply our maxims, it was easy. It is “the right thing to do”.  

    Simon, Natalie and I set off on this LOGiQ3 journey January 6, 2006 (Simon and I actually started the journey late 2003 but 2006 as LOGiQ3). The three of us sat around a whiteboard and we wrote down a number of service lines: underwriting, reinsurance administration, claims, etc., and a number of people’s names we would love to have as part of our team. “How great would it be if we could do that”, we would say.

    Roll forward nine years and we are in each of those business lines, and other great businesses we couldn’t even imagine at the time. On the people side; most of the names are now part of the LOGiQ3 family, and many other great people we didn’t even know at the time, but who are deeply impactful on our business are definitely a part of the team. How lucky am I to be part of this!?

    I'm very proud to have played a role in building this amazing business.

    Great coworkers, a focus on culture, and trying to exceed in everything has been the recipe for success. It was far more difficult than I ever imagined, and took much longer than I ever thought to get to where we are today, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Cliché I know, but the struggles we had over the years are why we are the great business we are today. You learn, you adapt, and you mature.

    Today, LOGiQ3 is the largest it has been, and I don’t see that slowing down anytime soon. As Simon and I talk about what the next stage of LOGiQ3 looks like we realized it needs a focused and distinctive leader.   As we got to know Ray DiDonna as part of our mL3 global life joint venture we quickly realized Ray was THE guy to keep LOGiQ3 on its trajectory path, and I’m happy to announce Ray as the new incoming CEO. An Actuary, MBA, six sigma Master Black Belt, a desire to build great teams and leaders, and just an incredibly nice guy, made Ray the perfect man for this job. I am excited to see how Ray will continue to grow and evolve our company.

    Looking ahead, I’m thrilled to be the first CEO of our newest entity, APEXA Corp and assist in lifting it off the ground. APEXA will be as impactful on the insurance industry as LOGiQ3 has been, which is very exciting.  

    Chris Murumets is C.E.O. at LOGiQ3
    Connect with Chris

    Today we have several great companies; LOGiQ3 and APEXA, and TAI and mL3 global life via our partnership with msg global solutions. Longer term I look forward and am committed to shaping the future of these entities and encouraging them to expand together because they can, they should, and they will.  For the last 10 years, and for the next 10 I’m sure, I have had and will have my perfect job.  

    PS – Why do I remember the exact date LOGiQ3 was formed? January 6, 2006 is also the birth date of my middle son, Nate. Nate is a great reminder of how old LOGiQ3 is and how much time has passed ion this journey.  I have seen LOGiQ3 and Nate go through the infant years, terrible two’s, and continue to develop and mature. I’m excited about what the teenage years of LOGiQ3 bring. Nate’s teenage years on the other hand, well that scares me :) 


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    3 Client Satisfaction Measures that Consider the Entire Lifecycle of a Customer

    Posted by Natalie Ho

    Mar 25, 2015 8:30:00 AM

    CLIENTSATISFACTIONAs a service oriented business, customer satisfaction is extremely important. I'm often communicating with customers and partners either online, through emails and social media or offline at conferences and events. Because of this I get the privilege to hear firsthand, their experience and feedback. 

    I make an effort to share feedback received (good or bad) with the team, however, these are often subjective, especially when trying to gauge the emotion and sentiment associated to feedback gathered online. When it comes down to measuring just how satisfied our customers are, it becomes a more challenging and thought-out process. One that requires specific measures. 

    I'll discuss the three measures we use to measure Customer Satisfaction: 

    • Customer Satisfaction Survey 
    • Net Promoter Score 
    • Instantaneous Feedback 

    In my opinion, when it comes to measuring customer satisfaction from an aggregate perspective, it is important to consider the stages in which we 'touch' a customer. Most of the reinsurance administration and underwriting services we offer are longer term, which means the duration of time we interact with our customers can span over a number of months or even years. Often times, service providers are keen on conducting an 'end of project' survey to determine the success of the project or customer satisfaction. However, in our scenario, there runs the risk of omitting valuable feedback from the onset of the project through to completion. 

    Therefore, there are 3 types of surveys we conduct to evaluate customer satisfaction that considers the entire life cycle of a customer (and beyond). 

    1. Customer Satisfaction Survey 

    I won't belabor this, I know we've all completed a customer satisfaction survey in some form or another. These are great to conduct on a periodic but regular basis, whether that means every quarter, once a year, or at the end of an engagement. These should include a series of questions that measure quality of your product/service, timeliness of your delivery, staff competency and friendliness, and in some questions, a measure of how you do against a competitor. Therefore, adding bits to do with pricing and flexibility will give you some insight into that. 

    However you should be cautious on the number of questions you ask and also the answer selection you offer in order to consistently and accurately measure how one survey response stacks up to another. Here are a few best practices I follow when designing and conducting our customer satisfaction surveys: 

    • If using a rating scale, apply a consistent scale for questions in the same category,
    • On the same note for a rating scale, use an even number for response options, i.e. Rate my service from 1 to 4, as oppose to 1 to 5 as people generally gravitate to the mid way point which will be tough for you to determine their what a 3 or neutral means,
    • I stick to no more than 20 questions in total, anything beyond that become laborsome to complete, 
    • I give multiple options for customers to complete their surveys - either through an online survey tool, through a phone interview, or an in-person meeting. After I conduct the first one, I always ask which preferred method they wish to conduct the next survey with. This way, you're not allowing the survey process to hinder you from obtaining optimal results,
    • In terms of how I select which clients to survey and when, we survey the same number of clients per quarter (I literally take the total number of clients and divide them per quarter). We typically don't survey a client more than once a year, unless they are working on multiple projects that span across different lines of business. Spreading out the client base across the year, gives us the ability to report out on surveys every quarter as opposed to only a big bump during one period of time. 

    2. Net Promoter Score 

    Natalie Ho is Vice President Sales & Marketing at LOGiQ3
    Meet Natalie

    NPS is a simple 10 point measure that determines how likely your customer (or maybe not even a customer) is to recommend your business to another. NPS is a good indicator for the company's reputation and influence in the marketplace. NPS score is derived by subtracting the percentage of respondents that rate between 0-6 from the ones that rate 9-10. In any business, you should strive to have more promoters (9-10) than Detractors (0-6). 

    When it comes to frequency of conducting NPS surveys, we follow the same frequency as the customer service satisfaction survey. This NPS question is typically included within the survey above. However, since we survey a shortlist of clients per quarter, to widen the number or responses, we will also run a semi-annual NPS campaign, where we will survey our entire contact base. After all, NPS measures the reputation of the business, which in most cases reaches beyond the current customer base. 

    To increase the response rate, here are some suggestions: 

    • Offer an incentive to complete, i.e. to enter a draw for a $5 gift card 
    • Make it super easy, a simple web landing page where you're not collecting additional data 
    • Discrete pop-ups on company website 

    3. Instantaneous Feedback

    Now that we've covered methods to obtain periodic feedback, what about instant feedback? What if a client is having a great or terrible experience in this very second - what are some things we can put in place to give them the opportunity to tell us, but in a measurable fashion? 

    We've toyed around with the idea that is similar to the Facebook Like button. What if every time you send an email, a client can simply click like or rate it from 1-10? Overtime, this type of instantaneous feedback collected can become extremely powerful in terms of improving email quality and frequency. 

    We've not yet integrated a solution that allows us to capture instantaneous feedback...just yet! So please stay tuned, something is in the works. 

    In the meantime, here are some that may give you an idea or two: 

    Of course the reason why we track and measure our performance is so that we can continue to improve our level of service. Therefore, it is equally important to set goals for each of these metrics and consistently report out results so that the rest of the team can see just how well the organization is doing. 

    Furthermore, I'm a big fan of sharing results publicly. Now, I'm not suggesting to publish the entire set of customer satisfaction results on the company website, but I do believe, if there is a customer success story, these should be shared in the form of client testimonials and client case studies. It is a terrific celebration for both the customer and service provider. 

    Hope you were able to get a few insights on measuring customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment and I'd be happy to discuss.

    LOGiQ3 Client Case Study Download

    [How To] Competitive Analysis using Porter's Five Forces Framework

    Posted by Nick Joly

    Mar 19, 2015 3:23:09 PM

    You may be familiar with Michael Porter's renowned Five Forces Framework which analyzes the level of competition in any given industry. This framework (illustrated below) has been studied in business cases, used in real-life scenarios and helped many companies map out their biggest competitors. For those studying the industry or maybe for those in the start-up phase, what I've put together for you today will hopefully help you better position yourself in your industry. I used a simple case to demonstrate the framework put to use for the Canadian Life Insurance Industry.


    To get started, I've mapped out Porter's Five Forces above, but let us take a closer look at each one in how it relates to the Canadian Life Insurance Industry specifically.

    Bargaining Power of Suppliers

    What does this mean for a Canadian Insurance Carrier?

    Essentially, how much bargaining power does one specific life insurance carrier have over another? Well, this can be, and often is, directly linked to the number of competitors in the field. The more life insurance carriers there are, the less bargaining power each carrier has individually. In the case of the Canadian landscape as we know it, there are only about 9-10 major life insurance carriers (i.e., those companies that actually write their own insurance products), with over 33 million people as the nation's population (aka customers/buyers)... this leads to a HIGH bargaining power of suppliers.

    Threat of Substitutes

    Of course in this case, by substitutes, we mean substitute products/services to the ones that your company may sell. The most common example of substitutes would be Coke and Pepsi. Both fight for the customer's share of wallet and customers are likely to buy on over another. This is a direct substitute. For Insurance Carriers, important to note would be, how many competitors have the same or similar product offering? Equally important to consider is, how much it would cost current customers to switch over to a competitor!

    If you can't differentiate your value offering to a point where the perceived level of product differentiation is high, then you may find it difficult to retain many of your existing customers!

    In this case, the threat of substitutes is HIGH, as almost all of Canada's life insurance carriers offer products and services similar in nature. 

    Bargaining Power of Buyers

    A great way to think of the bargaining power of buyers, is how strong their ability is to put pressure on the companies they're considering buying from. The bargaining power of buyers will be high if the buyer has many options to choose from. In Canada, as mentioned above, there are really only about nine or ten life insurance providers, which may seem like a lot to choose from, but in terms of ratio, comparing the number of buyers to suppliers, the bargaining power of buyers is LOW.

    Nick Joly is Sales & Marketing Coordinator at LOGiQ3
    Meet Nick

    Threat of New Entrants

    As something that we've all seen in the "electronics accessories" industry (phone cases, chargers, screen covers...) when a new phone comes out on the market, the proliferation of companies who begin to make and sell their complimentary accessories, grows, exponentially! This is because there is a low barrier to entry with potential to yield high profitable returns (high margins on unit prices). In contrast, within the Canadian Life Insurance Industry, the absolute cost as well as the capital requirement for entry is quite high, which serves as a deterrent for new entrants, however, works in favor of the current suppliers. The more entrants there are in any given industry, the more difficult it will be for any given company to remain profitable. In regards to Canadian Life Insurance... threat of new entrants is LOW.

    So! Now what?! Well, given the high barrier to entry coupled with the high threat of substitutes, this may not be the most attractive industry to begin competing in (obviously!). That being said, for those who have entered and have become well established, this is definitely an attractive, yet competitive, industry to be in given the low threat of new entrants and high bargaining power of suppliers.

    Many might say that there is some controversy around Porter's framework, in that there may be more relevant frameworks, however, in terms of deriving value from a competitive analysis, it can be argued that Porter's framework serves its purpose. I hope that this post has brought insight to you and your particular business and competitive analysis. For more insightful pieces like this or if you'd like to chat more on this subject specifically, subscribe to the blog or contact us today!

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    How to ACE your Insurance Job Interview!

    Posted by Nick Joly

    Mar 10, 2015 3:19:01 PM

    Hello again!

    If you've had your ears to the ground on some of our latest news (i.e., a new acquisition and our growing team in Toronto), you can imagine how much we've all been buzzing like worker bees around the office! 

    Given this recent news, we've been receiving an influx of applicants looking to join our team, and we're excited!! Whether it's a role within life underwriting, reinsurance administration, audit or even roles within LOGiQ3's family of companies, APEXA & TAI (Tindall Associates) we're happy to meet you!

    What's more, is that we'd even like to give you a helping hand with this Infographic Guide to help you ACE your Insurance Job Interview! 




    The Canadian Life Insurance Industry is pretty unique! But preparing for an insurance interview is very much like preparing for any other interview!

    Here are some more details for you on these six easy steps to acing your insurance job interview!

    Nick Joly is Sales & Marketing Coordinator at LOGiQ3
    Meet Nick

    1) Do Your Research: Consider the following: what type of insurance resources would be useful to your application? Is the company a member of any general insurance industry associations (i.e., LOMA, SOA, CLHIA) - what information do THOSE websites contain? 

    2) Understand the position you're applying for! Remember, the position goes beyond the required skill-set! Are you aware of the day-to-day life? Are you going to be happy performing in that role? There is no harm in reaching to others currently in that role to get a better understanding. 

    3) Apply! Whether it be in-person or online, apply with your most up to date and shining resume! Remember: most interviews will start even before you walk in the door. Phone/Video interviews are quite common, so after submitting your resume, do prepare to answer some standard screening questions!

    4) LinkedIn = Your Best Friend! LinkedIn isn't about having a golden network of 500+ connections, but rather how you use this tool to your advantage. Think about how many people apply for a job posted on LinkedIn, say 100. That gives you a 1% chance of even being looked at. Now, how many of those 100 applicants, took it a step further and sent an InMail to the hiring manager? Maybe four or five... increasing your chances to up to 25%... not bad huh?! Pro tip: be sure to personalize the message, express your interest in the role/company, include a fun & quirky subject line and be authentic! 

    5) Attend the interview! This may seem like a no-brainer, but when searching for a career, many people set up interviews and only attend the ones most interesting to them. Beware: not attending an interview with one company will only hurt your chances at finding a job at several companies. 

    6) Send a noteVery, very rarely has a thank-you card ever hurt someone's chances at landing a job. Leaving a thank-you card is a nice touch that can often be forgotten. Don't overlook this step, it shows a lot about your character!

    At LOGiQ3, you may already know that culture is paramount for us! We, like many other firms in the Canadian life insurance industry, hire based on FIT! So be sure to check the company culture first and APPLY based on FIT!

    Well, I hope this guide has helped you prepare a little more for your upcoming interview! You can never be too prepared, so do be sure to do your research! At LOGiQ3, we're always looking for great talent, so if you come across a great opportunity with us and you see a FIT with our culture, definitely apply! 

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    The Ten Funniest Office-Approved Valentine's Grams!

    Posted by Nick Joly

    Feb 12, 2015 2:21:06 PM


    It's that time of year again!

    The big Saint V! The day where we show the ones we love, some LOVE! It's crazy to think how much our team has grown from just one year ago today. And amidst all the exciting updates and milestones that have filled up our schedules lately, we could never forget about showing all of YOU some love and sharing some laughs! 

    You may already know about our fun & quirky sense of humour around the office, and while it can be tough in most work environments to draw the line on what is "office approved" and what isn't, at LOGiQ3 we've been sending one another sweet Valentine-Grams! ...

    So if you're having a tough time drawing the line on what's appropriate and what isn't, say for example recording your colleague breathing to later set as your ringtone... you may want to follow our lead here and share a more... work friendly message with said colleague. For some inspiration and a good laugh, see what some of us around the office are sharing! 


      You finish my...   Sentences!
    Tiny_Heart_1  Stalker is a harsh word...        I prefer Valentine ;) 
    Tiny_Heart_2  I love you...        Even if I think about suffocating you in your sleep
    Tiny_Heart_3  I love you like Kanye loves...        Kanye
    Tiny_Heart_4  Happy Valentine's Day...        I met someone else
    Tiny_Heart_5  Be mine...        Until I get bored
    Tiny_Heart_6  We go together like...        Teen girls and vampires
    Tiny_Heart_7  I love you more than...        My first cup of coffee
    Tiny_Heart_8  The only thing I like more than you is...        Netflix
    Tiny_Heart_9  Couples that fart together...    Stay together
    Tiny_Heart_10  I lost my number...    Can I have yours?
    Nick Joly is Sales & Marketing Coordinator at LOGiQ3
    Connect with Nick

    In addition to the lovely Saint Valentine's traditions, February also brings with it, the upcoming conference season! And given that our team has expanded quite nicely in the last year, you're bound to see some new faces in the coming months, so make sure to stop by and say hey for a quick meet and greet! We'd love to connect!

    I hope you enjoyed sharing in our fun & quirkiness and staying abreast of our many, many exciting updates. Happy Valentine's Day! 

    Image credit: Flickr User Brian

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    Considering a Career in Life Insurance? What about Reinsurance Administration?!

    Posted by Nick Joly

    Feb 3, 2015 9:40:29 AM

    Hi there! I'm so happy to be sharing with you today, the long awaited "Part Two" in my series of what goes on behind the scenes at LOGiQ3!

    Today: Reinsurance Administration! 

    It won't be a surprise to many of you that most professionals that have a career in life reinsurance, never imagined the possibility of a career in the industry. Life insurance, maybe, but reinsurance? What is that? Many of our reinsurance experts hold backgrounds in Finance, Accounting, Social Sciences, Actuarial Sciences... you name it! But what really kicked off their careers in Reinsurance was understanding what the industry was all about first! Here's a fantastic article that we've previously published that covers some good ground on what Reinsurance really means. 

    So great, you've finished/finishing school, you're about to enter the workforce, you know a little about reinsurance... now what? 

    What kind of opportunities are available in Reinsurance?

    At LOGiQ3, we are always seeking bright professionals to join our team of experts! A graduate interested in a career in reinsurance is often best suited to begin as a Reinsurance Analyst.  

    "What does a reinsurance analyst do?" Well, let me give a few highlights of this role:

    • Analyze and review reinsurance data, i.e., insured information, premiums paid, face amount (size) and issue date of policies... essentially they look at all of the info associated with a life insurance policy.
    • Conduct reinsurance data trend analysis, that is, understanding fluctuations in insurance premiums or policy size either sent from insurance companies to reinsurance companies or from reinsurance companies to retrocession companies.
    • Streamlining reinsurance admin processes to serve our clients better.
    • Address client needs, such as ensuring that reported information is correct and that the reinsurance administration system reflects the correct data.

    If you've read some of our previous blog post or follow us on social media, you'd know that we are BIG FANS of INFOGRAPHICS!

    Here's a great one for you today of "A Day in the Life of our Reinsurance Analysts - A General Workflow"

    Tweet & share this INFOGRAPHIC with your friends!


    Tweet & share this INFOGRAPHIC with your friends!

    Nick Joly is Sales & Marketing Coordinator at LOGiQ3
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    While this infographic serves as a great overview of a day in the life of our reinsurance analysts, the tasks can vary from role to role and DEFINITELY require a skill set that encourages delving below the surface into complex situations & data sets to uncover new solutions. A big part of what makes our team here LOGiQ3 so unique is our culture! If you haven't checked out our MAXIMS - I invite to have a peak and see if they're in line with your personality and work ethic! 

    LOGiQ3 is CONTINUOUSLY searching for great talent. If you have a shining personality and a strong eagerness to learn, I invite you to also explore our careers page to submit an application and connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn

    Pro tip: The BEST way to stay up to date on the LATEST updates and exciting events from LOGiQ3 is by subscribing to our blog! 


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