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    What Does LOGiQ3 ACTUALLY Do?

    Posted by Nick Joly

    Oct 22, 2014 1:06:00 PM

    Hey again! It’s been a while since my last blog post, and that’s because I’ve been putting together a series of pieces on just exactly what goes on around our office. Since my onboarding with LOGiQ3 this summer, I can’t tell you just how many times I’ve gotten the question: “So what does LOGiQ3 actually do?”, to which my response is: “We’re a consulting and outsourcing company for the Life Insurance and Reinsurance Industries” …. Which is normally followed by one (or both) of the following: 

    “But what does that even mean?”

    “What is reinsurance?”

    If the first thing that came to your mind is one of the questions mentioned above, then this series of pieces is for you. 


    LOGiQ3’s business operations can be infinitely divided and subdivided, so for the sake of keeping things simple, I’ve segmented them into three main categories, however, there are also other key services we provide which I'll have to dedicate another post to! Let start off with these: 


    Reinsurance Administration


    Underwriting 101:

    When I first came on board, I had only JUST learned what underwriting was. To break it down for you here, think of underwriters are as people who determine, evaluate and analyze our applications for life insurance. Simple enough right? WE, the applicants, are looking to buy life insurance, so we fill out an application from an insurance company (this is not the only option PS – but it is the most common). THEY, the underwriters, are the ones who will analyze our application and physically write the policy based on the information we provided, i.e., age, gender, smoker/non-smoker, and determine our risk classification (just how risky are we?). 

    What’s more?! Not only do we have our own team of fabulous underwriters, but we offer training for newly hired underwriters at other companies or individuals looking to start their career in underwriting. We’ve even recently started offering our e-learning courses for purchase directly online on our New E-Store! 

    Reinsurance Administration 101:

    Keep your eyes peeled for a good post I’ll be publishing next week on “A Day in the Life of a Reinsurance Analyst!”… But for now, let me extract some key highlights from a popular blog post of ours: A Career in Life Reinsurance – So this is Where I Belong that may help answer the question “What is Reinsurance?”

    • Simply put, reinsurance is insurance for insurance companies.
    • When an insurance company issues a policy, they don’t always take all the full risk amount (i.e. the full amount of insurance being issued). This is where reinsurance companies come in. A reinsurance company will take a percentage of that policy and share the risk with the insurance company. 
    • Reinsurance is a great way to learn about the insurance industry as a whole. Reinsurance companies perform the same and often times more complex tasks than any other insurance company might perform. The main difference is that in reinsurance you deal with the insurance company, not the policyholder. 

    Nick Joly is Sales & Marketing Coordinator at LOGiQ3
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    Audit 101:

    Au•dit (ˈôdət/) - Noun: an official inspection of an individual's or organization's accounts, typically by an independent body. Great, but who/what/where/when and why do we audit? 

    Who? Any insurance industry company that wishes to have their operations/processes audited

    What? Operations administration audit, insurance claims audit and underwriting audits

    Where? On-site! Our great team of auditors will travel on-site to the offices

    When? All year round! We do like to take our national holidays to enjoy with our friends and family though (naturally)

    Why? Because if we aren’t auditing, how do we know we’re making progress / doing things correctly? 

    For a very ROBUST whitepaper on our operations auditing services and study findings, I strongly urge you download it HERE… best of all, it’s completely FREE. Who doesn’t like free stuff? 

    I hope this post was useful to you, stay tuned for a part deux! Feel free to share it with friends if you think they might find it useful too! Or comment below to let us know what you think! 

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    3 Things We Can Do to Seek & Build the Next Generation of Life Underwriters

    Posted by Natalie Ho

    Oct 12, 2014 5:00:00 PM


    I recently received the September issue of OTR (On The Risk), a Journal of The Academy of Life Underwriting. This issue included a great article on the results for the 2014 ALU Life Underwriter Census. 

    Donna Daniells, OTR Executive Editor, provided an executive summary which highlighted a concerning finding:

    "23% of life underwriters expect to continue working in a life underwriting role for 5 years or less."

    What's the takeaway here? We ought to start building the next generation of life underwriters! 

    Read further to see what three things we've been doing to alter this potential shortage. 

    At LOGiQ3, we're huge supporters of training, career development, and hiring the next generation of professionals. I'd like to share a few things we do to encourage newcomers to the Underwriting profession, as we've successfully built a team of young and bright underwriters ourselves.

    1. Actively Seek Newcomers 

    As a consulting and outsourcing service provider, we often run into challenges with resourcing - i.e., scaling accordingly with supply and demand of resourcing. Keeping our talent pipeline full is a priority within our organization, as this allows us to be as flexible as we can be for our clients' needs. 

    Thanks to our well connected team, we receive many referrals as potential candidates, but what about the new and yet to be discovered talent who may have great potential in becoming a part of that next generation of life underwriters? 

    Here is a glimpse into what we do: 

    • Participate in College/University Job Fairs and Alumni Groups -  to introduce the overall insurance and reinsurance industry as well as talk about our organization and our unique company culture. We often bring our SMEs to these job fairs so that students can learn the life of an Underwriter directly from the Underwriter! Through Alumni groups, we have also volunteered to host mentor/mentee events at our office to bring recent graduates directly into our work environment.
    • LinkedIn Recruiter & Company Page - many students who haven't yet graduated are starting their job search early. They are creating their Professional Profiles way ahead of their Careers. They are eager to start communicating with potential employees and I would say that most of our new talent is driven from our LinkedIn network. Year to date, we've received over 400 resumes via LinkedIn! 
    • Social Media Conversations - the A+ talent in the market are looking for potential employers that are ahead of the curve. They are interested in companies that can offer them something in return. This includes flexibility, variety of challenging opportunities, a unique culture and a competitive salary. Through our Facebook and Twitter accounts, we encourage conversations with potential employees so that they have a sense of what LOGiQ3 is all about. 
    • Job Postings on Website - even when we don't have an open position that doesn't mean we aren't actively looking for talent, because we are, always! Our Careers Page is highly visible and accessible on our website. We encourage potential candidates to submit their resumes to us all year round. 

    2. Training & Development 

    Similar to the 75% of the ALU census participants, we also offer internal training to our underwriters. From our experience, we find that our recent grads highly value training and continuing education opportunities. They are also looking for a variety of networking opportunities to sharpen their softer skills.  

    Our formal internal underwriting training and development program includes: 

    3. Staying Current 

    As an employer, in this innovation-driven and technology-hungry economy, it has become that much more important to stay current and relevant in not only our own industry, but in general. 

    If our own employees are primarily using mobile-friendly tools, conversing through social media, and prepared to working in paperless environments, it is crucial to adapt to the changes and needs of the employees and stay ahead of the curve. 

    There is huge rise in mobile technology and at LOGiQ3, we are trying our best to make a variety of our internal tools accessible anywhere and anytime via mobile apps. These include: 

    • Time Tracking
    • Sales Tracking 
    • Marketing Activity Monitoring 
    • Training & Development (via our Learning Management System that is fully online and accessible via Mobile) 
    • Expense Management 
    • Travel Management 
    • Event Management 

    Natalie Ho Vice President Sales & Marketing LOGiQ3
    Natalie Ho is Vice President, Marketing & Sales at LOGiQ3
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    On a somewhat related note re: staying current, I'm also extremely proud and excited about the launch of our new E-Commerce site. This speaks to staying current with the demanding real-time sales needs of the market. We are now offering all our E-Learning modules for sale, online, in the comfort of your own home - reducing barriers and getting you what you want in real-time. (Read full press release on launch)

    I hope you've gained some insight in terms of what you can do to help inject some new, bright talent into the world of Life Underwriting.

    We are excited in our continued path to grow and build our team, it is extremely rewarding to see new talent emerge and become that next generation of professionals! 

    To my Canadian friends, Happy Thanksgiving, and the rest of you, have a fabulous Fall weekend! - Natalie 



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    The Power of not only Big Data, but Big Thinking

    Posted by Chris Murumets

    Oct 3, 2014 2:06:00 PM

    I was honored to present at the BILTIR (Bermuda International Long Term Insurers and Reinsurers Association) conference a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time this group has hosted a meeting like this and based on everything I could see it was a tremendous success - a very good turn-out, relevant content, and good conversation and networking.

    Given my background, not surprising my topic was largely reinsurance operations, but I tried to do something a little different with it. Yes I talked about the dysfunction of how data moves through the insurance and reinsurance service chain, but this time I wanted to connect some seemingly random dots together, and present what we should be excited about looking ahead.

    I am a huge TED.com fan, so I used snippets of two of my favorite TED talks, one by Luis von Ahn and another by Deb Roy to illustrate the power of not only big data, but big thinking.


    I ended by discussing my belief that the intersection of big data and the Quantified Self movement will have a profound impact on life insurance and reinsurance.

    Chris Murumets is C.E.O. at LOGiQ3
    Connect with Chris

    For those unfamiliar with the Quantified Self, it truly is a remarkable movement of "self-tracking", so to say, that is becoming more and more popular with advancements in technology. It incorporates the use of technology to monitor and log one's daily life (i.e., blood levels, foods consumed, one's mood... etc).

    Think about what Progressive did with Snapshot… the Quantified Self movement, and companies such as Leap4Life, will disrupt life insurance the same way. I can be very critical of the current operating and data transfer environment today, but equally I am incredibly excited about the opportunities ahead. Thank you again BILTIR for allowing me to be part of your meeting. I really enjoyed it.


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    Selling is Dead! And won’t exist in the Future.

    Posted by Nick Joly

    Sep 29, 2014 11:30:00 AM

    shoppingHey there! Today I bring to you the second blog post in my INBOUND14 debrief mini-series.

    My title is a bold one, both literally and figuratively, but I’ve challenged myself to prove why it is not only true but directly applicable to any industry. I think we see “The Landscape of Selling and Marketing” change or restructure almost every year. Companies often choose between two options:

    1.   Marrying the two departments (like we do here at LOGiQ3) to avoid silos in communication, or
    2.   Keeping the two separate, as they are fundamentally separate lines of business.

    Diving into the marketing-specifics, our way of thinking and doing business has undergone incredulous transformations over the years. Any modern day marketer will tell you, there are two types of marketing communication. The “old school” style (aka Outbound Marketing) of pushing and fighting for MORE ad-space, longer commercial time slots, bigger billboards etc. and the “new school” style (aka Inbound Marketing). I am certainly not the first person to write about this, and though this “old school” style is, well, old, it unfortunately, still lives.

    “The last time you hit play on a YouTube video, you were FORCED to watch a 30-second ad, were you not?”

    What Inbound Marketing is doing, is creating useful and amazing content, that we as customers will seek out because WE DECIDE that it relevant to us. Not the other way around. As customers, we don’t want to have ads, commercials or emails forced on us, we want to seek out the information that WE feel applies to our needs.

    This notion is mirrored in and directly tied, to selling. Just like outbound marketing is dying, outbound selling is, too. We see it every day, 

    Nick Joly is Sales & Marketing Coordinator at LOGiQ3
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    • Insurance: "Selling Agents" are now called “Financial Advisors”
    • Consumer Goods: "Sales Managers" now "Relationship Managers"  
    • Banking: "Sales Representatives" now “Account Managers”
    • Retail: "Sales Associates" now “Customer Service Representatives”

    The term "selling products" has slowly begun to be replaced with "offering solutions". The words “Selling” and “Sales” have become taboo, as more and more of us don’t want to be “sold to”, we simply want to “buy from” based on what we determine we want. The old school days of selling, and “always be closing” are coming to a close, as companies can’t possibly know our needs more than we do, right? How can the used-car salesman thrive in an era where the power has shifted to the customer, with our Smartphones, our Google reviews and our price comparison apps?

    Would YOU prefer to be “sold” something because in the moment you were told/convinced that you needed it? Or would you prefer to do your diligent research beforehand and be the smart buyer who “buys from” the one who provided the best content that matched your needs? The answer is a simple one, yes?

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    10+ FREE Tools to Create your Own Graphic Designs

    Posted by Natalie Ho

    Sep 23, 2014 2:00:00 PM

    Hello! From time to time, I'm told we produce some pretty eye-catching graphics. Some of it is produced by our third-party graphics designers but honestly most of the work is produced in-house by yours truly with the help of some pretty easy to use tools.
    I want to share some amazing [FREE] tools for creating your own DIY graphic designs today! Being able to create your own graphics isn't only a skill needed as a marketing professional anymore. From time to time, I'm sure you've wanted to create your own graphics whether it was for a party you're planning or a business presentation you're conducting. Having some user friendly, high quality, and FREE tools handy, can only be benefit, right? 

    Photoshop is great when working with photos, but creating complex graphics do require some dedicated learning. I'm so pleased to share 10+ tools for creating your own graphic design.

    A special thanks to Angela Hicks for sharing some of these tools with me at the Hubspot INBOUND Marketing Conference last week. 



    Color can create a big impact. Studies show that, a person decides whether they like or dislike something within the first 90 seconds and 62-90% of that  is based on color alone. Therefore, using the "right" colors can make a big difference, especially when you're trying to get someone to make a purchase decision with you. There are some great free color tools our there, including:
    • Colorzilla: a free eye dropper color picker tool that is installed directly to your browser.  With Colorzilla, you can get a color reading from any point in your browser, make adjustments and paste it into another program. You can also use Colorzilla to analyze the page and inspect a palette of colors.
    • COLOURlovers: a creative community where people create shade of colors, palettes and  patterns, and discussions on the latest color trends. You can browse color palettes based on "category" such as business, weddings, etc. This will come in really handy if you're trying to plan an event and looking for a 'theme' color scheme! Another super awesome service COLOURlovers provide is custom fabric printing for any patterns you create via the site.


    I have a mini-obsession for typography. Sometimes I find myself spending hours searching for THE font to use. I really do believe a font can make or break a creative piece. Here are a few Free resources I use to help me make my typography decisions:
    • Google Fonts: browse and install selection of free web fonts on Google Fonts. It also tells you the speed at which it loads on the web, etc. which is extremely useful as you don't want visitors to your site to wait for your fonts to load - an extra second of load time might deter people from coming back to your site!
    • 100 Free Fonts: I always refer to this article for 100 free fonts to download - my go-to's are BEBAS, Penna, Sant Joan Despi (I love that the O is in the shape of a heart!)
    • After the Deadline - Less to do with typography but more so around what to do AFTER you write is this advance spell check/grammar tool. Download After the Deadline to help you with contextual spell check, advanced style checking, and intelligent grammar checking.

    Hieroglyphics and Iconography

    Icon fonts are very popular. They are super easy to use if you download a full set as you can create icons using some simple codes. My personal picks are:
    • IcoMoon: access over 3500+ vector icons. You can access gain access to the free version or pay a small fee ($39-$59) for specialty sets.
    • Font Awesome: d0wnload the full set for free and you get instant access to 479 icons. Browse to this page for their complete CSS cheatsheet!

    Imagery & Photos

    Natalie Ho Vice President Sales & Marketing LOGiQ3
    Natalie Ho is Vice President, Marketing & Sales at LOGiQ3
    Connect with Natalie
    Ok, I've touched on the elements that go into a graphic design, now it's time to share the tools that actually combine the elements and imagery together. These tools are not only great for creating simple graphics for your blog covers, posters, and invites, but also fabulous for creating your own infographics.
    infogr.am - This is a super user friendly inforgraphic tool with an extremely easy to use interface. There are hundreds of infographics templates ready to you to use and video animation is soon to launch. The free version gives you access to 30 chart types, which is honestly plenty if you're not planning on creating complex graphs.
    • Piktochart - Very similar to infogr.am, Piktochart is also a drag and drop type of inforgraphic template tool. I've been using this for several years and totally worth the small investment if you're looking to create some professional designs. 
    • Canva - It was total honor to hear Guy Kawasaki speak last week in Boston. He is the co-founding partner of Canva - a drag and drop graphic design tool that features ready made designs specifically for social media and also offers a real time collaboration tool, allowing you to work with your team on designs. I used Canva to create my blog cover photo for this post!
    • When it comes to free and BEAUTIFUL photos, here are a number of sites that offer free, commercial use photos that are truly awesome!

    I really hope you found this post useful and you can start DIY-ing and creating your very own beautiful graphics, for your blog, your invites, posters, and presentations!

    Thanks for stopping by and chat soon!


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    4 Bold Statements from HubSpot's INBOUND14

    Posted by Nick Joly

    Sep 18, 2014 7:00:00 AM

    INBOUND_2014As you may know, as part of LOGiQ3's marketing team, I am currently down in Boston for HubSpot's annual INBOUND marketing conference. And while away, the email notification signal has been flashing all week (as one would expect). Some of the emails read: "Are you as inspired as you thought you would be"? "How are the keynotes and breakout sessions"? Along with this personal favorite:

    "What is the marketing strategy of the future"?

    Well... While this is only one blog post, listed below are four bold statements, each with a resounding BOOM that I haven't been able to shake:

    • Experts are clueless
    • Selling will not exist in the future
    • Transformational change comes from within
    • You cannot manage your way out of a crisis, you LEAD your way out

    Nick Joly is Sales & Marketing Coordinator at LOGiQ3
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    While I would LOVE to share EVERYTHING that my brain has been soaking up, one blog post simply isn't enough. These four notions listed above, will be the foundation and inspiration of a few blog posts to come (DISCLAIMER) - fair warning. Now, you may be thinking, HubSpot and the INBOUND conference produce a lot of marketing specific content. If so, you're correct. While marketing is my passion, a goal of mine here is to apply all of this innovative marketing content, with the insurance industry to show how the two converge.


    Quickly touching on the first bullet, "Experts are clueless" - quoting Guy Kawasaki, quoting Steve Jobs. Of course in Guy Kawasaki's speech, he was referring to all of the experts telling the late Mr. Jobs that the Macintosh computer was simply impossible, that Steve's vision would never materialize. As we know today, those experts were wrong. So how does this translate? LOGiQ3's vision is to transform the Canadian insurance industry.

    LOGiQ3 believes that through culture, innovation and empowering people with the freedom to think, that great things can happen.

    In an industry traditionally regarded as well, traditional, the experts have said that what we are doing or what we have planned, cannot be done. Their mindsets are fixed on the notion of needing to see something to believe it, but this is fundamentally incorrect. We are here to prove that this is wrong! To transform an industry, one needs to believe (truly believe) that they can achieve change, in order for people to really see change. 


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    APEXA, an Insurance Industry-led Solution. Starting with the “WHY”

    Posted by Nick Joly

    Sep 12, 2014 2:25:00 PM


    The WHY:

    “At APEXA. We make an effort to build and protect our relationships. We dedicate our lives to collaboration, forward-thinking solutions, and maintaining trust and integrity within our industry. Our confidence to provide you with the tools and resources you need to achieve success is only matched by our desire to build a lasting bond with you.”

    New to the scene: APEXA. You’ve heard it trickle down the office grapevine, you’ve seen one of the webinar presentations or maybe you’ve read the Press Release (we hope). But with the brand and tagline recently unveiled, make no mistake that this innovative offering is nothing short of what it claims to be; a solution for higher standardization, clarity, timeliness, efficiency and confidence to contracting and compliance for the Canadian Life Insurance Industry. 

    "But what does this (really) mean"? You say. Well ...


    Nick Joly is Sales & Marketing Coordinator at LOGiQ3
    Connect with Nick

    ... in four words it means: innovation and higher efficiency – for the life insurance industry that is. APEXA is a service that will be offered to insurance advisors, carriers, and managing general agencies (MGAs), whereby, the APEXA solution will host valid, current and accurate information on the contracting and compliance records of advisors. This means raising the bar in terms of efficiency, as APEXA will be the one source for this information, and having it readily available to all stakeholders, hasn’t been seen before. This is where the initiative’s innovation is reflected. 

    Now where does the marketing come in to play, and WHY is it important? Why don’t we start with that WHY?! Fans of Simon Sinek may be catching my drift here. What makes APEXA all that it is, is essentially WHY it does what it does (or, what it stands for).

    "APEXA believes in providing higher standardization for an industry. APEXA believes in transparency and collaboration."

    For those less familiar with our friendly marketing guru and author, Mr. Sinek, the importance of defining one’s WHY is paramount. And why is that? Because in doing so, you will attract the right kind of partners – those who are like minded. People who believe what you believe and who stand for what you stand for, will be the ones who support you. 

    So why did we start this blog post with APEXA’s beliefs? (Hopefully it’s a little clearer now). The answer is simple. While APEXA may be “new to the scene” today, it has been two years in the making. Every idea and every action since its inception has been in sync with its core beliefs. Its vision has been from the onset to bring higher standardization, clarity and greater efficiency to an industry, no easy feat by any measure. To achieve this, it has spent time developing relationships, building partnerships… with the right kind of people – those who share the same beliefs, those who believe in WHY APEXA exists. 

    Simon says (pun intended) “start with the WHY”, and the rest will fall into place. Well, if you believe in reaching toward a higher goal, or an apex – yes that’s where the name is derived from – then you believe in APEXA. Clarity, efficiency and higher standardization are all coming to the Canadian life insurance industry, through APEXA, and its partners, those who believe in the WHY. See how you can be a part of this innovation. To learn more, check out and subscribe to APEXA's monthly newsletter.

    Also worth mentioning on a separate note: Simon Sinek and our marketing team will both be attending this year's annual INBOUND conference hosted by marketing experts: HubSpot, in Boston MA, Sept 15-18th. Well Simon, we are all SO stoked about meeting you and cannot wait to hear your keynote. To all other attendees reading this, we shall see you in Boston! 

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    Blink or Think?

    Posted by Gerri Sefi

    Sep 2, 2014 3:00:00 PM


    Competition in every industry is fierce! (Yes, even the life insurance industry)... And it has become increasingly difficult to assess which company is best in providing expertise and value. It is easy to be influenced by “the lowest price” or by “the speed of delivery”, but it’s important to remember that choosing a company based on one factor alone does not always yield the best results. Consider this illustration:           

    Choosing the best insurance consulting and outsourcing provider

    Pick only two: 
    • Good + Cheap ≠ Quick
    • Cheap + Quick ≠ Good
    • Quick + Good ≠ Cheap

    Here are a few points to think about when considering a new service or value proposition, and you find yourself choosing between several options. In addition to meeting your needs and objectives, it’s important to consider some of the following, like the company’s business MO, philosophy or their ethics. (For instance, take a look at LOGiQ3’s culture and jot down what your first impressions are).


    • What is the full range of services or value propositions that they offer (i.e., do they offer what I, the customer, am looking for, say, Life Reinsurance Audit)?
    • Has the company ever been involved in the project/service before (such as previous reinsurance solutions offered)?
    • Does the company you are considering have a robust track record of success in similar projects (i.e., what has their success been like in insurance business process outsourcing)?


    With the meteoric rise of social media, companies’ websites will give you a good indication of who they are, if they are innovative thinkers and how long they’ve been in business. Browse the website carefully as it will give you an impression of the company, both in their professionalism and their philosophy. If the company doesn’t have a website - beware. Most businesses cannot afford to be invisible to the market and this could be an indicator that they may not have solid experience or qualifications, or aren’t technologically savvy.

    (…speaking of which…) TECHNOLOGY

    Today, it is VERY difficult for businesses to thrive without technology. And it can be equally important to consider the five tenets of any system:  Accessibility – Availability – Recoverability – Scalability – Security. With the recent “heartbleed bug” scare, perhaps the most important is “Security”. If the company is not compliant with the many IT requirements in the marketplace, your confidential data could be in jeopardy. Are YOU willing to risk it?


    Does the company employ experts in the field, and are they long term employees? Will the company have to hire a consultant/contractor to fulfil the service?  Permanent expert resources are expensive, so this is not necessarily a negative factor, but rather indicates that the management is fiscally responsible and are able to bring in expertise if and when required. 


    Is the president the owner of the company? In other words, does she or he have a real stake in both corporate culture and the deliverables?


    Does the company share your corporate philosophy regarding value propositions, staff, financials and culture? This can be easily established through the “getting to know you phase”. Would you be prepared to start working with the company or are you waiting for a signed contract? Or would a handshake to move forward suffice with the legality to follow? In short – do you trust the company?


    In Malcom Gladwell’s book, BLINK, he talks about decision making and judgement in – literally - a blink of an eye. While we generally ignore those first few seconds of instant reaction, mull them over later when it becomes time to sign on the dotted line.   Although business all too often frowns upon relying on instinct, or a gut reaction, many great leaders have made decisions on what they “feel” to be the right thing when facts are not in evidence to support their decision.

    Wouldn’t it be remarkable if we could operate in some business areas like the old diamond traders? The diamonds were given to the buyer in a velvet bag - the price was agreed upon – seller and buyer shook hands – and the buyer did not look at the diamonds until after he had paid for them. A rare trust …

    Written by: Geri Seffi, Chief Compliance Officer, Deposit Distribution Channel

    Connect with Gerri

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    Official Brand Launch of Canada's Life Insurance Advisor Compliance Solution

    Posted by Natalie Ho

    Aug 29, 2014 6:45:00 AM


    Toronto, ON, August 29, 2014 – Expert provider of life insurance and reinsurance consulting, outsourcing and training services, LOGiQ3, officially announces the name and brand of its subsidiary corporation: APEXA Corp., the solution for higher standardization, connectivity and confidence in contracting and compliance for the Canadian life insurance industry.

    The APEXA initiative is an industry-led solution that has partnered with several bodies including Canada’s largest life insurance carriers and brokerage managing general agencies, independent advisors and companies as well as the nation’s provincial regulators. Working closely with the Canadian life insurance community in order to deploy its industry standard solution, APEXA will provide secure communication channels, verified life insurance advisor data and standardization for compliance and screening.

    “We are thrilled to finally launch the official brand behind the industry’s transformational compliance solution. Since the onset of this project [almost two years now] we have prioritized identifying and leading change in the industry. This is why there is an urgency to APEXA and it has to move at the fast pace it is currently experiencing. Our tagline “Simply Connected” speaks to our commitment in providing a simplistic and collaborative service to the industry,” says Chris Murumets, CEO of LOGiQ3 and Project Sponsor.

    APEXA and technology partner BlueSun are working together to ensure that all data is securely managed and held in Canada, and that the system will also contain full enterprise level auditing and security technology. President of BlueSun, Stewart Wigg, comments: "[We are] so pleased to be part of this major collaboration. There are very talented people working on this project and we can promise some great software". Currently, APEXA’s prototyping phase is well on its way.

    “The scope of the project and level of innovative thinking are very significant” states Richard Sachs, Senior Project Consultant, “…as we work collaboratively through issues, risks, new processes and expected change. APEXA is the solution of reaching towards a higher goal, an apex of life insurance industry standards and collaboration”.

    To sign up for APEXA, the life insurance advisor screening, contracting and compliance project updates and development, please visit http://www.APEXA.ca

    About LOGiQ3

    LOGiQ3 is the expert provider of life insurance and reinsurance consulting and outsourced services. LOGiQ3 delivers long-term strategic solutions and short-term tactical support across
    Distribution, Underwriting, Reinsurance Administration, Claims and Audit. LOGiQ3 supports clients across the life insurance service chain from agent to retrocessionaire from its offices in Toronto, Canada, and Cardiff, UK. To learn more about LOGiQ3, visit http://www.logiq3.com

    About BlueSun Inc.

    BlueSun is a leading provider of software solutions to the financial services industry. BlueSun delivers custom built solutions addressing administration, membership, sales and marketing and distribution. BlueSun provides WealthServ, a SaaS solution for MGA’s, mutual fund and investment dealers. BlueSun supports clients across North America and has offices in Burlington, Ontario and Syracuse, New York. To learn more about BlueSun, visit http://wealthserv.com

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    Cool Finding: Emotion Calendars

    Posted by Natalie Ho

    Jul 8, 2014 11:25:00 AM

    Hello! It's been quite some time since we've added a blog post! So much activity happening at the HQ and things got busy, we're hoping to share more with your second half of the year.

    Today, a quick post on a 'cool finding'. I came across these creative, adorable, and in MY mind, practical life and love calendars by Brigada Creativa. Funny how we keep track of all the important action, meetings, and numerous to-dos but rarely pay attention to our emotional meters.

    I love these life and love calendars. The “Love Life, Day by Day” calendar has 365 hearts for each day, each divided into 4 quadrants, representing: time together, conversation, caress-kisses and sex. Keep track of your heart wellness by filling in the portion daily – hopefully you’ll end up with more full hearts than none! The “How was your day?” calendar, equally as important, tracks your daily emotions by allowing you to fill in the blank happy faces: very good, good, ordinary, bad, or very bad.

    How do you keep track of your emotional health?

    These ready made ones by Brigada Creativa are available for sale on Etsy for less than $20 a pop. Perhaps something to add to the office space? Maybe not the love life one though ... I'm sure your colleagues aren't that interested in your love life ;) 

    lovecalendar7lovecalendar4 resized 600

    life calendar 6 resized 600life calendar 5 resized 600

    What does this have to do with the services we provide? Nothing and Everything! Emotional health underpins how well we can perform in our workplace and how we behave with our clients, colleagues, peers. Hopefully, this post was able to give you an bit of light inspiration for the day! 

    Got a "cool finding" you want to share with us, comment below! 

    My Best,


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