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    Life Reinsurance Claims Insight Paper

    Download the 2013 Industry Insight Paper on Life Reinsurance Claims. 

    Thank you for those who participated. 

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    We provide recommendations for contestable and foreign death claims and also living benefits claims, adhering to your company's approved adjudication workflow.

    Our claims adjudication services include:

    • Reviewing claims documentation to ensure all necessary information is available
    • Providing written claims summary and recommendations
    • Managing communications with reinsurers (when applicable and as needed) while observing treaty agreements
    • Adhering to all established claims service standards and turnaround times

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    See below for an example of how our claims specialists were able to resolve the challenges faced by one of our larger clients. 

    Problem: Outsourced Individual and Group Life and Living Benefits Adjudication 

    Challenge: Client experienced high rate of employee turnover and was unable to find suitable, knowledgeable, replacement(s).

    Solution: LOGiQ3

    • Provide claims adjudication for Group Life, Individual Life and Living Benefits (including short and long term disability)
    • Provide guidance and recommendations for handling: Foreign Deaths, Accidental Deaths and any claim denials, including assistance with letters to beneficiaries
    • Liaise with reinsurers as required to provide claim documents, respond to inquiries and confirm settlement amounts

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