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    Life Reinsurance Claims Insight Paper

    Download the 2013 Industry Insight Paper on Life Reinsurance Claims. 

    Thank you for those who participated. 

    Our team of claims analysts can provide administrative support for reinsured ordinary life and living benefits business.

    We will work alongside you to develop and provide reinsurance claims administration services that fill your process gaps and resource needs, either on short- or long-term basis. We can provide support using your technology or work with you to have a customized solution within our environment. Our team is dedicated to meet your claims service level standards and turnaround times.

    Ceded claims administration services include:

    • Unearned premium calculations
    • Reporting of claims to reinsurers
    • Managing claims reimbursements (receipt and application of cash and follow-ups)
    • Tracking and reporting of aging claims
    • Data analysis and trending
    • Process and controls documentation

    Assumed claims administration services include:

    • Intake of claims (initial and final notices, validation of necessary requirements)
    • In-force cession and premium validation for reported claims
    • Processing of disbursements for death claims and living benefits, for individually settled, netted, or bulk claims
    • Data analysis and trending
    • Process and controls documentation

    Retrocession claims administration services include:

    • Submitting payment requests and providing accompanying documentation
    • Managing follow-ups and tracking of retro claims recoverables
    • Allocating payments upon receipt

    For all of the above, we also will provide data analysis, including trending, and process and controls documentation.

    Not only interested in claims administration but full service reinsurance administration needs? We also offer ceded and assumed reinsurance administration services. 

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