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    Life Reinsurance Claims Insight Paper

    Download the 2013 Industry Insight Paper on Life Reinsurance Claims.

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    Our team of passionate claims experts will offer an independent claims process review, document findings, and recommend any changes to existing processes to consider for implementation.

    Our goal is to help you achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness in your process.

    Our process reviews extend across all reinsurance functions in an organization and geographical regions. The objective of our claims process review is to help you understand your current processes, including any gaps that exist, and identify steps to make your process as efficient as possible, while ensuring your risk is understood and managed.

    The scope of each process review may vary, depending on your business objectives and needs. Our process reviews include the following:

    • Gaining understanding of current processes, handoffs, and controls across the organization
    • Staff interviews to understand current challenges and desires for improvement
    • Identification of areas where there may be risk arising from or gaps in current processes
    • Recommendations for any changes to consider implementing in current processes

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