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    LOGiQ3 offers comprehensive ceded, assumed, and closed block life reinsurance administrative services for insurance and reinsurance companies. We deliver operational excellence across all reinsurance administration services which are supported by internationally recognized auditing standards (SSAE 16 SOC 1, CICA 5970 Type B and ISAE 3402 Type B).

    Reinsurance operations rely on many complex business processes. Operational risk is also a common concern among life reinsurance administrators and executives. When faced with a shortage of skilled resources, few widely adopted industry standards and a lack of investment in administrative technology, achieving efficiency seems nearly impossible.

    LOGiQ3 offers flexible and scalable outsourcing solutions coupled with a team of experienced life reinsurance professionals who can help you better understand and manage your data and process, ultimately enabling you to make better business decisions. We can also provide the operational IT infrastructure to manage your business effectively, enabling your IT resources to be focused on other strategic priorities.

    Our short term life reinsurance administrative consulting services can help you through unforeseen challenges such as mergers and acquisitions, resource gaps, regulatory changes or other changes to the market. Our team has extensive knowledge and can deliver proven best practices around all reinsurance functions. With limited training and ramp-up time, our team can help you with initial treaty set up through to premium and claims administration.

    We can assist you with specific objectives and initiatives or ultimately become your complete reinsurance administration solution through outsourcing.

    Reinsurance administration is not data entry, it is risk management. This realization obligates you to provide your administrative team with the support they require.

    LOGiQ3 offers best practice services and expertise for the life reinsurance industry. Realizing that reinsurance operations and administration have evolved into a risk management function in your organization, we tackle each project with a risk-based and strategic approach. We assist you in providing your staff with the tools and technology required to support your reinsurance processes and strategies. Whatever the obstacle may be, we help you understand and manage your operations, data and processes so you can make better decisions.

    We offer an array of consulting and outsourcing reinsurance administration services.

    Ceded Reinsurance Administration

    We have created a solution which is unique to the insurance industry; it is built specifically to address the ceded life reinsurance process. Our solution is based on our depth of experience in life insurance and reinsurance operations, reinsurance systems, and business processes.

    Read more about the features and benefits of our ceded reinsurance administration solution. 


    Assumed Reinsurance Administration 

    Reinsurance administration is a complex business process. Errors occur when administration is done by those who do not understand the "big picture" and the far-reaching financial and reputation consequences of mistakes.

    Find out if assumed reinsurance administration is the solution right for you.


    Reinsurance Operations 

    We gain understanding your existing reinsurance operations, processes, and workflow. Our team of experts has in depth knowledge of reinsurance operations and its constituent functions, ceded, assumed and retro administration, treaty, reporting, retention management, accounting, and data management.

    Let us help you solve some of your reinsurance operational challenges.


    Data Management 

    Reinsurance data is not efficiently managed in the life reinsurance market. As a result, organizations are left managing multiple data formats and employing resources to convert the data into a format that is compatible to the organization's internal systems. This process can be inefficient and costly, making critical functions such as retention management nearly impossible. 

    Find out the types of data management services we offer. 


    Systems and Data Conversion 

    We believe that business process should always drive technology, not the other way around. Your systems should function to support your business processes and give you the information to manage your business efficiently. Our team of consultants, both technical and business, has worked with many insurance and reinsurance applications, both commercial and homegrown. 

    Read more to find out the features available for our systems and data conversion services. 


    Treaty Management

    The treaty is the cornerstone of any reinsurance relationship and needs to be treated as such. Similar to reinsurance data, there is no widely adopted treaty standard. If you do not manage the treaty process then regardless of what you do elsewhere, you risk being non-compliant and creating issues further down the road. 

    Learn more about our treaty management services. 

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