Reinsurance administration and operations have evolved into a risk management function. 

Skilled resources, sound administrative processes, and strong internal controls is what you strive for within your reinsurance operations. So, what’s the problem?

Upcoming retirements, lack of reinsurance expertise, limited investment in technology, unexpected administrative errors, and unforeseen mergers and acquisitions can create challenges for your everyday operations.

Our flexible, scalable life reinsurance consulting and outsourcing solutions can help you achieve operational efficiency and optimize your risk management. 

Get the support and experts you need:

  • LOGiQ3 has been providing reinsurance consulting and outsourcing services globally for over a decade
  • The combination of our people, processes, and technology offers a unique solution that is based on industry best practices and expertise
  • Our outsourced administration team manages over 5.0M reinsurance cessions and $250B (USD) net amount at risk
  • We have conducted upwards of 80 engagements with life insurers and reinsurers to analyze specific functions, entire operations, and large blocks of business for process efficiency, data accuracy, and compliance
  • Many of these engagements arose from acquisition activity or system conversions so that the companies could determine any past, present, or potential issues that might impact their operations or their financial statements.

Why LOGiQ3?

Scalability & Flexibility

Customized consulting and outsourcing solutions for insurance and reinsurance companies for ceded, assumed, closed and run-off blocks of business

Expertise & Talent

Delivering proven best practices around all reinsurance functions with our team's extensive knowledge and collective experiences  

Industry Resources & Support

Gain access and expertise to our sister company TAI, the North American leader in reinsurance systems, as well as other tools and technology necessary to support your strategies and processes 

Better Data Management

Our controlled and well-documented processes bring efficiency to your reinsurance data ensuring high quality, error free operations

Certifications and Attestations

Successful completion of annual ISAE 3402 audit review conducted by an independent party instructed by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) to verify sound outsourcing practices



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