Looking to better manage your reinsurance operations?

Our team of experts has in depth knowledge of reinsurance operations and its constituent functions - ceded, assumed and retro administration, treaties, reporting, retention management, accounting, and data management.

Through countless consulting engagements, our team has worked on many reinsurance platforms, from home-grown to off-the-shelf. We are equipped to advise you when it comes to choosing the right technology platform to support your business.

Our trusted relationship and deep expertise in TAI, our sister company - the North American leader in reinsurance administration systems, makes us an ideal partner for your TAI system implementation and conversion projects.  

We start with an understanding of your existing reinsurance operations processes

By gaining an understanding of your existing reinsurance processes, workflows and controls we can then determine a solution to help you better manage and measure your reinsurance operations going forward.

What operational questions can LOGiQ3 help me answer? 

  • Is my reinsurance business adequately managed and controlled?
  • Are my current business and process flow the most efficient they can be?
  • What procedures can be added in order to improve the processes and controls currently in place?
  • Is there repetition in current procedures? What can be eliminated?
  • Is the current documentation consistent and reflective of existing processes? Is it thorough and up to date?
  • How can we understand what risks we have on hand and have a better handle on retention management processes?
  • How can better synergies be created between offices in different geographical regions?
    Is the right technology and systems in place to effectively administer our blocks of business?

What to expect?

  • Validation of existing process maps or documentation and/or create for current state
  • Suggestions on how the current processes and workflow can be rationalized and made more efficient
  • Assessment of systems and processes in place (check out Treaty, Data & Compliance)
  • Outline and quantification of potential risks where possible, i.e. segregation of duties, staffing and resources, organizational structure
  • Identification of interdependencies between stakeholders
  • Recommendations and solutions for improvements in various reinsurance functions and systems

insurance industry insights

insurance insights

Need to go a step beyond? 

We also provide the fix. Get in touch, our team is ready to handle:

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