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    Our main focus is providing knowledgeable resources and delivering consulting and outsourcing solutions that incorporate best practice processes and risk management across all life insurance and reinsurance business functions.


    We are the leading provider of expert life insurance underwriting services. Whether you require underwriting consultants or are looking for a strategic outsourced underwriting company, we have the underwriting solutions to help you. Our underwriting services include production underwriting services, underwriting and best practices review, underwriting audits, underwriting training and life advisor underwriting support

    Underwriting Services

    Reinsurance Administration

    We offer comprehensive ceded, assumed, and closed block life reinsurance administrative services for insurance and reinsurance companies. We deliver operational excellence across all reinsurance administration services which are supported by internationally recognized auditing standards (SSAE 16 SOC 1, CICA 5970 Type B and ISAE 3402 Type B).

    Reinsurance Administration Services


    We have in-depth experience in all areas of insurance and reinsurance auditing. Our team of professionals audits from an internal quality control perspective or audit your clients to ensure compliance and adherence to treaty terms and overall risk exposure. We perform administrative audits, claims auditsunderwriting audits, and deposit industry compliance audits for our clients.



    We provided life insurance claims services including life claims adjudication, reinsured claims administrationclaims process review, and claims audits. We work with our clients to provide claims services that address the needs of their business. Our claims services are offered on a short- or long-term basis.


    Deposit Broker Distribution Channel

    Deposit Brokers are not licensed or registered with any regulator. FIs are solely responsible to effectively manage their contracted Deposit Brokers to ensure they are meeting regulatory requirements as well as meeting contractual obligations.

    In collaboration with industry stakeholders, Financial Institutions (FIs) and Broker firms across Canada, we have developed a full service product for FIs - Comprehensive Compliance Solution.  This unique solution is comprehensive, efficient and cost effective. We are now offering all FIs the opportunity to create a benchmark for industry wide standards and professionalism.

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    Through a unique combination of people, processes and technology we focus on risk management and best practices.