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Helene Chatelain

VP Underwriting, Claims & Chief Underwriter, Transamerica Life Canada (2012)

LOGiQ3 has always been able to support us in providing underwriting expertise either from a training perspective or productivity help in rush time. They have always been accomodating everytime and we can count on them to provide the support we need when we do not have the time to do it all internally. They will work with you to achieve your need. Congrats and job well done!

Head of Global Life Reinsurance, A Global Life Reinsurance Company (2012)

LOGiQ3 has been responsive, knowledgeable and helpful with regard to the day-to-day management for our Term Life block, demonstrating good market and product knowledge, together with a clear understanding of our treaties and their requirements. LOGiQ3 has also planned, executed and reported on audits to a high standard, working closely with my team.

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Jane Marto

Senior Underwriting Consultant, Industrial Alliance (2012)

LOGiQ3 have always provided the best Underwriting Contractors available. They have always been knowledgeable and willing to mentor more junior underwriters, it is always a pleasure to have a LOGiQ3 Underwriter on staff.

Ish Singh

Director, New Business & Underwriting, Industrial Alliance - Toronto (2012)

I am very happy with the quality of the underwriting consultants you provided us over the years. Their attitude and knowledge was very much appreciated by our underwriters and the new business staff. In addition to the underwriting help they also provided some training and direction to our underwriters.

Sandra Viteri

Underwriting Manager, Individual Underwriting & Issue, Sun Life Financial - Toronto (2012)

I happened to speak to one of your recent graduates over the weekend. She shared with me her opinion about your classes and training. She felt it was excellent and now that she is doing cases it has provided her with all she needs to do her job. And coming from a doctor, I thought it was a real compliment. She had only the nicest things to say about the program. This is not the only graduate I have come across that has raved about the success of the program. I have been managing for the last few years and have been reviewing/2nd signing for a couple of your graduates, and I can truly see the difference in their competence and underwriting knowledge. Congratulations on a job well done!

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Duane Zappitelli

RVP, Lakeshore West, Sunlife Financial (2009)

Your presentation has caused our advisors to really think about how they can better position business to underwriters by providing more information; it was a home run, thank you again.

Pat Appleby

AVP & Chief Underwriter, The Foresters (2009)

The enthusiasm and broad knowledge of the course instructors was an encouraging example for this group of young people looking for a future career in underwriting. The practical case work was invaluable in bringing them into production with confidence, as quickly as possible. We have a team where everyone works well together, as they continue their underwriting education. Thank you LOGiQ3!

Brigitte Mallozzi

Director, Medical Underwriting, Desjardins Financial Security (2009)

LOGiQ3 has helped us to strategically manage our team resources in order to increase productivity. Our new Underwriters have gained a wealth of information which allowed them to be part of the regular workflow quickly and efficiently. Following completion of the program, they have been able to successfully demonstrate an understanding of the underwriting process and develop good risk assessment techniques. LOGiQ3 has contributed to the success of our new underwriters and to the achievement of our team goals.

Julia Suslov

Medical Underwriting, Desjardins Financial Security (2009)

"The LOGiQ3 program has provided me with the invaluable tools necessary to succeed and the confidence to excel in the Medical Underwriting profession. Having the opportunity to be trained by a team of such knowledgeable experts enriched my learning experience. I would encourage anyone pursuing a career in medical underwriting to seriously consider the merits of the LOGiQ3.

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Irene Pelletier

Manager, New Business Services, Individual Life Insurance Department, Co-operators Life Insurance Company (2007)

The LOGiQ3 course provided our underwriters with access to trainers who possess a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. The course provided an excellent foundation for the trainees - a foundation on which they will easily continue to develop their skills, knowledge and underwriting expertise. The course also nicely complemented our internal training processes, which was an important criterion for our shop. LOGiQ3 is a great solution to the ongoing challenge of providing structured training to new underwriters and employees with an interest or aptitude for an underwriting career.

Debbie Rankin

Assistant Vice President, Global Underwriting Projects, Sun Life Financial (2007)

I believe we have partnered in a very successful and significant program which will strengthen our underwriting ranks almost immediately.

Gail Johnson Morris

Senior Vice President, Service Delivery, The Foresters (2007)

My personal thanks to Carmela, Petra, Ross and the entire LOGiQ3 team who supported Foresters underwriting team to be in a position to support us during our Breakthrough Year. With your help (LOGiQ3) we managed growth that was 3 times the level of the year before and 146% of our annual sales plan! Wow!

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