logiq3 underwriting and reinsurance

    LOGiQ3 is a catalyst for change. Through a unique combination of people, processes and technology we focus on risk management and best practices.

    Our main focus is providing knowledgeable resources and delivering solutions that incorporate best practice processes and technology across all business functions.


    With years of experience in the life reinsurance business, our team of experts provide a catalyst for change through a unique combination of people, processes and technology. Our wealth of best practices can benefit any scenario.

    Chris Murumets

    Chris Murumets, CEO

    As CEO, Chris' core responsibility is to ensure LOGiQ3's strategy is clearly articulated, and understood by all internal and external stakeholders. Prior to LOGiQ3, Chris was the Senior Vice President, Business Development of RI3K Inc, leading the Toronto office. Read Bio

    Simon BellSimon Bell, COO

    Simon is responsible for ensuring that LOGiQ3 is utilising technology to deliver value to its clients across all services through a combination of deploying leading edge technologies, such as cloud computing, and adherence to industry best practices. Read Bio

    Ron NovakRon Novak, CFO

    As CFO, Ron acts as LOGiQ3's steward and strategist. As a steward, Ron is responsible for managing risk, maintaning accurate and timely financial and management reports, and efficiently and effectively managing operations. Read Bio

    Laura PrewittLaura Prewitt, Vice President

    Laura Prewitt is involved in oversight of third party service providers and development of governance protocols, audit processes, financial reporting protocols, and appropriate risk mitigation initiatives. Read Bio

    Brian Wilkinson

    Brian Wilkinson, Vice President, Business Operations

    Brian has been involved with numerous administrative and systems projects. He has overseen the implementation of new reinsurance administration platforms, as well as integrating additional blocks of business onto those platforms. Read Bio

    Carmela Tedesco

    Carmela Tedesco, Vice President, Underwriting & Claims

    Carmela leads the underwriting services for LOGiQ3 and oversees its training of new underwriters, surge resources for production underwriting, underwriting auditing, process and best practice reviews. Read Bio

    Natalie HoNatalie Ho, Vice President, Sales & Marketing

    In her role as Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Natalie is responsible for leading and creating sales and marketing strategies across LOGiQ3 and its affiliated group of companies - APEXA, mL3 global life. Read Bio

    Ian SandersonIan Sanderson, Vice President, IT 

    Ian is responsible for ensuring that LOGiQ3 is delivering technology effectively to its clients across all services. This includes strategy; delivery; security, recoverability; and auditability. Read Bio