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Reviewing your entire block of reinsurance business can be a time-consuming and overwhelming undertaking. In many cases, treaty information is misfiled, misunderstood, or even missing. With limited or lost reinsurance expertise, determining the accuracy of reinsurance administration and systems data overtime can become a challenge. We can help. 


Our approach:

We take a phased, risk-based approach to ensure your reinsurance business is being administrated according to governing treaties and corresponding system data is accurate to reduce any potential future financial impact or audit findings:

  • Assessment of Current State
    LOGiQ3 assesses the current state of treaty compliance and data integrity of specified or entire blocks of reinsurance business.
  • Identification of Issues and Inconsistencies
    Our experts take a custom approach to identify current issues, determine a go-forward plan, and improve inconsistencies and reduce likeliness of finding significant financial issues in the future.

The completed comprehensive review ensures the specified block of business is performing as expected, achieving accurate data outputs and formatted to maintain a steady state.

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When Is This Right For You?

Unless your block of business has reason for review, errors in treaty data and administration oversight can often go unnoticed and undetected. Our experts can step in to assess data, identify issues and present efficient solutions. 

Preparing for a Reinsurance Audit

Whether you are being audited or conducting an audit you'll gain a comprehensive view of all treaties across the specified block of business.

Acquiring New Block of Business

Perform due diligence and full review of the block of business to gain understanding and reduce administration risk and oversight leading to potential financial impact.

Converting Your Reinsurance System

Eliminate the headache of a heavily manual processes. Reduce the risk of data mapping errors and converting ‘bad’ data at time of conversion.

Implementing New Quality Controls

Have up to date and accurate internal documentation such as treaty summaries and processes in place to meet standards and manage risks.

Experiencing Financial Fluctuations

Identify source of error and financial discrepancies. Gain full insight into current financial landscape and understand drivers to ensure accurate and efficient processing in the future.

Our objective in assessing, improving and maintaining your treaties, is to prevent you from experiencing major operational or financial mishaps in the future.




Produce summary to gain full understanding

An ongoing understanding of treaties begins with the Treaty Summary. We take on this laborious, but necessary process, to help you gain a comprehensive view of your treaties. Meanwhile your team can continue to focus on day-to-day operations.   

  • What to expect:

    During this phase of the assessment, we produce a summary of the parameters outlined in the reinsurance treaty. This is an essential component of as it is used to conduct the remaining tests.

Already have treaty summaries in place? Even better, we’re ready to get started.  



Inconsistencies flagged through error checking 

In our effort to improve data quality of ceded reinsurance blocks, we conduct Data Integrity Testing.

  • What to expect:

    This phase compares the Treaty Summary input against the reinsurance system's data output. Using error checking and validation routines, we test the consistency and accuracy of treaty parameters being met. Inconsistencies are identified and logged for review.


Outliers identified to test administration accuracy

To ensure the accuracy of future data output we conduct Compliance Testing.

  • What to expect:

    During this phase, a cession level review is performed to reveal any policies that fall outside of the parameters set forth in the treaty. Any potential exceptions are also presented in both a detailed and summary format.


Evaluation of calculations to determine accuracy of premium payments

To minimize the likelihood of financially significant errors in the future, Premium Testing is performed.

  • What to expect:

    The final phase of the assessment involves a review of cession level premium calculations to reveal any premiums that are not being paid appropriately. Similar to the previous phase, any potential exceptions are presented in both a detailed and summary format.



Customized approach to Achievable Improvements

What to expect:

  • Based on the findings from the assessment stage, our experts can work to address and fix current issues and inconsistencies within specified blocks of business on a consultancy basis
  • Alternatively, if you've already gone through a treaty review process, but not sure where to begin, our consultants can step in to scope out the effort and fix any errors or inconsistencies identified
  • Get in touch with our consultants to discuss a custom approach for you



Steady State Through Continuous Maintenance

What to expect:

  • Don’t have the resources to promote steady state and the ongoing health of your operations? Your specific blocks of business can be outsourced to LOGiQ3
  • We implement long term solutions proven by our successful phased approach
  • Find out more about our reinsurance administration outsourcing services

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