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    We can help you in a variety of situations from tactical short term engagements through to long term, multi-year strategic underwriting solutions. Our underwriting team can assist in all aspects of underwriting. If you would like to discuss your specific consulting or outsourcing needs with us, please contact us today.



    LOGiQ3 is the leading provider of expert life underwriting services. Whether you require underwriting consultants or are looking for a strategic outsourced underwriting company, we have the underwriting solutions to help you.

    Underwriting Services

    LOGiQ3 has been providing production underwriting services since 2007. Our team of underwriters has expertise in individual and group insurance underwriting for life, health and living benefits such as critical illness and disability illness.

    Learn more about the features and benefits of our underwriting services.


    Underwriting Audit

    Our audit team has conducted numerous insurance audits globally, covering areas such as administration, claims, and underwriting. We specialize in auditing insurance companies, whether a direct writer, or reinsurer.

    Our underwriting audit approach assesses the entire underwriting function. For example, risk selection, underwriting staff performance, adherence to underwriting guidelines and authority limits, and review of overall underwriting decisions.

    Read more about our life, reinsurance and underwriting audit services.

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    Underwriting Training

    We offer a unique North American underwriting training program which creates highly trained underwriters capable of making informed risk assessments to better manage the risk in your organization and follow best practices. Through a combination of theoretical lectures and practical case studies using ‘real’ underwriting cases, we teach trainees how to get make the right underwriting decision. The training material can be delivered in a way which suits the organization and student. Whether via a classroom setting or through our E-Learning video training platform, the learning experience is second to none.

    We take underwriting training to a different level. We also develop the underwriting knowledge of life insurance advisors through underwriting courses geared to understanding the medical, non-medical and financial underwriting risk. Life insurance advisors learn how to best communicate with the underwriter to quickly obtain the best application decisions the first time.

    Find out which training solution is right for you.


    Underwriting and Best Practices Review

    Our comprehensive Underwriting and Best Practices Reviews can help develop and implement underwriting best practices for your organization by looking at underwriting processes, people, organizational structure and the underwriting systems which delivers your entire underwriting capability. Our objective is to help develop the most efficient and effective underwriting process and provide the ability to measure, cost, and manage it going forward.

    Is your current underwriting process the most efficient? Are they adequately controlled? Does your current underwriting system help support your business needs? Find out how our underwriting and best practices review can help answer your questions.


    Life Advisor and Distribution Underwriting Support

    Life insurance is a significant financial investment for many people; the role of a life insurance advisor is to service clients’ policies to meet their needs as they change through their lives. Life insurance advisors also have responsibilities to the insurance company that sells the policies and the various parties in each transaction. Becoming familiar and knowledgeable in the underwriting process is key to completing the insurance application process for a client. We offer underwriting services dedicated to support independent life insurance advisors, brokers, and managing general agencies.

    Our life advisor underwriting training courses are designed to cover specific underwriting topics for the life advisor hoping to learn about the medical, non-medical, and financial aspects of underwriting.

    Need help with pre-underwriting during the insurance application submission process? Our pre-underwriting support services can help you speed up the underwriting process leading to faster policy issue.

    The ability to communicate with your prospect is crucial to driving new business. Let our iPad app help you, anywhere, anytime. Comprised of the most common impairments in life insurance underwriting, the LifeAdvisorGuide can help you fill out insurance applications accurately and help provide the details required by an Underwriter. Download it now!