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    Our production underwriting services can help you with your immediate or long-term underwriting needs to meet your business goals. Our team of expert underwriters is experienced in underwriting several insurance products for all risk classifications.

    LOGiQ3 has been providing production underwriting services since 2007 for insurance and reinsurance companies in Canada, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. Our underwriting team consists of both staff and independent consultants ranging from junior to senior underwriters with over 20 years of underwriting experience. We underwrite life, health, living benefits, such as critical illness, disability illness, and structured settlements on both individual and group basis. On individual basis, we cover high net worth business greater than $10M face amount.

    Our Team of Underwriters

    Our team of underwriters is experienced to underwrite products such as Life, Health Living Benefits (Critical Illness, Disability Illness), and Structured Settlements on both Individual and Group basis. The Individual business includes High Net Worth business (over $10M face amount).

    Our team's underwriting skills include:

    • Products Underwritten: Life, Critical Illness, Disability Illness, Group, Health, and Structured Settlements, Impaired Annuities, Life Valuations, Older Age Market
    • Backgrounds: Occupational Therapy, Kinesiology, Pharmacy, Commerce, Psychology, and Nursing
    • Languages: English, French, Spanish, and Italian
    • Experience: Combined over 150 years of underwriting experience on staff
    • Geographies: Canada, U.S., Caribbean, and International


    Is this Solution Right For You?

    Not sure if this underwriting solution is right for you? Our real life client engagements below will illustrate the types of problems we have solved:

    Problem: A large insurance direct writer announced the closed to new business in the market and needed to quickly ramp up the underwriting team to replace those who left after the announcement.

    Solution: LOGiQ3 created a dedicated underwriting team which was capable of handling all of the existing products.

    Results: The client was able to ensure a smooth transition to LOGiQ3 and maintained, and in some cases improved, the level of service for their distribution channels.

    Problem: A large insurance direct writer needed additional resources due to temporary increased business volumes but wasn’t allowed to add additional resources internally for budgetary constraints.

    Solution: LOGiQ3 created a flexible underwriting team which could vary according to business volumes, whether increasing or decreasing.

    Results: The client was able to ensure that time service level was maintained regardless of the volume of business.

    Problem: A medium sized insurance direct writer needed additional bilingual (English/French) underwriters and was unable to identify appropriate resources to satisfy their business requirements.

    Solution: LOGiQ3 implemented a retainer model where the bilingual underwriter was able to be used for a dedicated number of hours per month.

    Results: The client was able to access the skill sets they required within the time frames they needed.


    The core features of our production underwriting services are:

    • All skill levels of underwriter available from junior to senior
    • Multilingual underwriters
    • Products covered include: Life, Health, Living Benefits (Critical Illness and Disability Illness), and Structured Settlements on both Individual and Group business
    • All sizes of underwriting teams provided
    • Ability to deliver industry standard service levels and turnaround times
    • Flexible technology model - ability to use existing client’s underwriting work flow or use LOGiQ3’s underwriting work flow
    • Management reporting to provide transparency and operational insight into activities being conducted on your behalf
    • Medical staff requirements
    • Ability to support both client on-site and remote working locations
    • Complete documentation on agreed underwriting processes
    • Flexible commercial models including flat fee, retainer and hourly rates
    • Flexible time commitments


    The client obtains the following benefits from using our production underwriting services:

    • Scalability - Ability to add or remove underwriting resources in line with business volumes
    • Improved Time Service - Agreed contractual time service levels to deliver on your promises to clients
    • Better Risk Management – Improved risk decisions from talented underwriters
    • Better Business Management – Based upon credible and robust management reporting

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