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LOGiQ3 offers a one-of-a kind underwriting training program to the North American and global underwriting community and those who need to understand underwriting in more detail. It is an intensive program, covering all facets of risk selection available in both a traditional classroom setting and an E-Learning solution.

Unique to our training program is the option of a mentoring and co-signing program. This service is most suitable to the new underwriting graduate introduced into the production underwriting department. We alleviate the burden that co-signing can bring to your existing resources by assisting you with this task, providing you with an evaluation report which tracks the progress of the graduate and assists you with granting the initial approval limit.

Features of our Underwriting Training Program

Underwriters of all Levels - Entry, Intermediate, Senior New Graduates in Finance, Accounting, Health / Life / Medical Sciences, Kinesiology Corporate or Personal Training Solution
Continuing Education or Advancing Next Level Life Insurance Advisors / Professionals and Financial Planners Classroom or E-Learning Solution (customizable)

We have trained over 100+ underwriters since we first launched this program in 2007!

Underwriting E-Learning Training

LOGiQ3 Underwriting Free Trial Building upon the success of the classroom course, E-Learning is taking training to the next level. With anytime, anywhere access, all the learner needs is a web browser and is able to train on their schedule at their own pace. As there are no travel expenses, E-Learning reduces training costs compared to classroom courses.

Frequent knowledge quizzes and case studies are designed to check the learner's understanding and ensure that the information is being retained. By using 'real' cases and having the learner interact with real underwriters, this training process prepares the learner for life in an underwriting department.

Our E-Learning training solution is delivered through an web-based Learning Management System (LMS) coupled with video lectures.

Regardless of training method, our mentoring services can assist and support you with the transition of new graduate trainees into the production environment of the underwriting department.

Medicine is progressing in leaps and bounds and medical advances and new treatments and diagnostic techniques can affect how a risk is underwritten. LOGiQ3 is committed to supporting continuous learning for underwriters. Keeping underwriters of all skill levels knowledgeable and up to date is another way of managing the risk in your organization. Blending the theory with the practical is an effective teaching tool and provides the desired results.

Our E-Learning training solution is both suitable as a corporate or individual solution. Our corporate solution can be customized as a multiple student package. Individuals interested in self-learning can purchase the course by modules, bundles, or the full course. Whatever your needs are, we have a training solution for you.

Browse our collection of E-Learning Training Modules to find out if this solution is right for you! Get in touch with us today for full pricing details. 

E-Learning students on average score 10% better than Classroom training students!

Underwriting E-Learning Pricing

Underwriting E-Learning Pricing and Options We offer a range of pricing options which vary depending on the method of training; Classroom or E-Learning and these options can be further tailored to the client’s needs.

Pricing options include:

  • Per Module, Exam Part 1 – The student pays for each training module separately, list price ranges between $95 - $135 per module and includes a multiple choice exam. 
  • Per Module, Exam Part 1 & 2 - includes the lecture, a multiple choice exam (Part 1) and a full case study exam (Part 2), list price ranges between $235 - $275. 
  • Exam Part 2/Case Study Only - purchased as a supplement to each module, learner must have already completed Part 1 Exam - List Price is $130 each. 
  • Full Course, inclusive of Exam Part 1 Only - Student gains access to all the modules and accompany multiple choice Exam Part 1 available during a 12 month period from the time of sign up. List Price is $3,000. 
  • Recommended! Full Course, inclusive of Exam Part 1 & 2 - Student gains access to all the modules and accompanying multiple choice Exam Part 1 and 2 (case studies) available during a 12 month period from time of sign up. List Price is $6,000. 
  • Recommended! Corporate Licenses – Organizations pay for multiple students/geographies to access the underwriting training program for a period of time i.e. Annually. Bulk pricing is available at a discounted rate

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Traditional Classroom Training

The classroom program is usually taught to new underwriting trainees and is geared to junior and intermediate underwriters who require the in-depth knowledge of the impairment to reach the next level of underwriting. At the same time it has been shown to have great value to the life claims adjudicator and distribution support team.

This course will run over six to eight weeks (depending on the classroom size), with a majority of the time spent in our classroom located in Toronto, ON. Students who successfully complete this course return to their organizations willing, capable and excited about continuing their underwriting career.

A minimum of five students are required to hold a class. Please fill in this form if you would like to be put onto our classroom training list.