Administrative Audits

Our program is designed to meet your auditing needs.

Our team of auditors have in-depth reinsurance knowledge. We know the right questions to ask and understand the downstream impact of various functions as it relates to your reinsurance business. Our experts work towards your timelines from a customized statement of work to ensure you meet your audit schedule. LOGiQ3's average delivery time for a complete audit report is three weeks from the time of the onsite audit. If you are lacking the necessary resources, programs and/or teams to conduct audits, or are experiencing any other auditing challenges, we are here to help.  

What is our approach?

LOGiQ3's audit program includes the following elements:

  • Preliminary planning and pre-work
  • Sample selection
  • Treaty review
  • Premium calculation testing, data integrity and treaty compliance
  • On-site process and controls review
  • Retention management
  • Administrative systems review 
  • Summarized report of findings and recommendations
  • We do not conduct contingency based audits

We will not only identify the weaknesses, but also provide confirmed findings and any associated financial impact.

How we can help with your administrative audit plans:

  • Don't have an administrative audit program in place? Our experts can help in developing a program suited for you and your business
  • Don't have a dedicated team of auditors? We can step in to complete administrative audits
  • Is your staff inexperienced in conducting administrative audits? We can provide the required training in order to perform audits going forward
  • Lacking resources during peak times and struggling to access to your in-house audit expert? Our team is happy to to assist in managing scheduled audits and coordinating with clients on audit efforts

Have questions about your administrative audit plans?



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