Artificial Intelligence + Life Reinsurance Treaties

Follow the journey as we incorporate AI into our treaty review services. We will notify you of the latest findings, upcoming workshops and updates on our enhanced solution. 

Imagine a world where reinsurance treaties meet artificial intelligence

Follow the journey as we incorporate AI into our existing treaty review services and watch the video below to imagine the possibilities that can come from employing this technology.



Since exploring AI for our current services, it has helped us achieve the following:

Current Service With AI
Manually interpret and capture treaty input into
structured summary templates
- Significantly reduce time leveraging automated capture
Build testing tables to conduct treaty level data
integrity reviews
- Significantly reduce resources due to
  automated capture and structuring
Conduct compliance and premium testing and analysis
to identify errors, issues and 
calculate financial impact
+ Automation of structuring treaty terms
Prepare exception summary/report to highlight cession
errors or system issues 
requiring correction
+ Automation of template population
Correct cession and treaty errors based on findings + Increased ability to query treaty terms
Interpret difficult to read treaty terms + Increased ability to capture difficult to read treaty

The next phase of this journey will further enhance our services by allowing for:

  • Searchable treaty terms in a consolidated system
  • Automated and repeatable data integrity and compliance testing
  • Automated error report generation

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