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4 Questions and Answers Revealing the Behind the Scenes of LOGiQ3 Underwriting

Fri, 16 Sep 2016 15:07:23 +0000 / by Seema Samad


As a longer-standing member of LOGiQ3’s team of underwriters, I often get asked a lot of questions, both from an internal coaching perspective, as well as an external interested stakeholder perspective. On the external side, the number one question I get asked is, “HOW do you pronounce the name of your company!?” And I tell them, just exactly how you would think ;).

Once they get over that hurdle and blush from the fact that it is actually an easy name to pronounce, they move onto things like: “What is your workflow like?” or “What types of life insurance products do you handle?” “What resources do you have access to?” All very logical questions if you ask me! Below is actually a direct quote from a current colleague of mine who, prior to joining, was interested in working for us. And this is just a short snippet from the 21 questions game we played about the company in what was a very long (re: humorous & enjoyable) email chain indeed.


I am very interested in learning a bit more about LOGiQ3. I went through the company's website and it's quite interesting!” 

I guess I did a good job big upping our company – since he is now a part of the LOGiQ3 underwriting team!

The truth is that most people don’t really know all that much about LOGiQ3 because we are not a direct insurance company. We’re actually not an insurance company at all.  What we offer, are our Reinsurance Administration, Business Operations and Life Underwriting & Claims services to a wide array of clients. Behind the scenes we are busily working away to go above and beyond and provide expert services to our clients worldwide.   In a nutshell we are a consulting and outsourcing organization for Life & Health insurance and reinsurance.

There are opportunities here to do other things that more traditional companies in our industry simply do not offer This helps promote ourselves in a positive way to not only help attract extraordinary talent but also to demonstrate the breadth of our experience and expertise to the underwriting community locally and globally


The workflow process isn’t typical at all; it is actually different for each member on the team. Because we offer our services to a number of clients, we often find that although we sit together, we are all working on different systems, and different lines of businesses. 

This affords us with room to improve our underwriting skills and broaden our horizons. Case clinics are a great example of how we extend our learning and profit from sharing knowledge with our team.  In any of our day to days, we would come in, get settled and then spend the majority of the day on our respective client workloads. 

Aside from our formal internal training and coaching program, each team member gets trained individually by our clients and have to be very flexible and adaptable. In return for this we expand our skill sets on many levels, mastering different systems and types of niche products.  Another value-add is that we don’t just stop at production underwriting, we get exposed to medical case-clinics, a positive culture, committee meetings, seminars, conference, travel, training and much more. 

Because we all have something different inside of us that drives us, often these ‘extras’ are where LOGiQ3 underwriters can excel and find a place where they are focused and inspired.


The different products that we manage range from Individual life, Critical Illness, Disability, Structured Settlements, Health, Group, and high net worth underwriting both at an insurance and reinsurance level. This pretty much covers every type of underwriting!

What makes this most interesting is that we cross train on most of these products. So if you do find yourself more engaged on one product than another, guess what?  You can request to mainly work on that product and master it before moving on to train other colleagues on it and spread the knowledge. 


Another common question I’m often asked is ‘what resources do you have access to?’ Reflecting on this question, I can safely say that the resources we have access to are endless, because we have access to all different kinds of systems, and manuals and senior experts. We have access to some of the best resources in the industry, fortunately.

If you have a question the whole team combined has access to doctors, medical directors, reinsurance specialists, DI specialists as well as consultants, colleagues and friends. Needless to say no question will go unanswered. In fact, you may get probably around five different answers to the question you have…but what would underwriting be without at least three?


At the end of the day, what attracts clients to LOGiQ3 are the great people and their expertise and ultimately the way we are easy to do business with. What attracts employees to LOGiQ3, are the same criteria, plus endless resources for advanced education, development and growth.

I can say that this place has been a huge support network for me on a personal and professional level in many different ways. My colleagues have been more than colleagues to me, they have actually been my work family who I can rely on when I open my heart or furiously debate the latest industry trends on marijuana and HIV underwriting.

As I’m sure everyone can relate to “life giving you lemons”, my team at LOGiQ3 has inspired me to make lemonade. What’s more, as a collective, we have a knack for making lemonade in the realm of advanced education and underwriting training. How so? Our online e-learning training program for underwriters of all levels, was developed right here in house by our very own team of underwriting experts.


Explore how our team of experts can complement your underwriting team. Learn about the skills, performance and results that make us, us!

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Seema Samad

Written by Seema Samad

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