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Life Underwriting Expert Series – Parathyroid Glands and Disorders

Dec 10, 2019 4:36:22 PM / by Garen Markarian posted in Underwriting Expert Series

The numerous glands in the human body hold varying functions. For the most part, however, their role is to secrete hormones to help regulate homeostasis. They can be categorized based on their location, what they secrete, or what organ system they control. Some common gland disorders, for instance those involving the thyroid, are often seen in the insurance industry. On the other hand, Parathyroid disorders are not as prevalent and therefore make an interesting topic for a medical underwriter to review.
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Music Therapy and Cognitive Impairments

Nov 20, 2019 8:45:00 AM / by Garen Markarian posted in Underwriting, Thought Leadership, Whitepapers and Research, Life Underwriting

This article was originally featured in the September 2019 Issue of OTR, titled 'Music to My Brain', and is reprinted with permission of ON THE RISK, Journal of the Academy of Life Underwriting.

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Life Underwriting Expert Series – Acromegaly and Pituitary Tumors

Sep 5, 2019 1:21:08 PM / by Garen Markarian posted in Underwriting Expert Series

If you grew up in North America in the 1980s, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with, or even watched, the wrestling television program called the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). This sports show included popular wrestlers Hulk Hogan and “Macho Man” Randy Savage.  Many of these athletes were larger than life, but one redefined the term “giant.” André Rene Roussinoff, better known by his ring name André the Giant, stood 7’4” (224 cm) with a billed weight of 520lbs (236 kg). He appeared ginormous in the ring, and as a kid, I figured he was just a huge person. In fact, Andre the Giant suffered from a rare endocrine condition called Gigantism that causes abnormal growth during childhood and adolescence.

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AHOU Annual Conference - What to Expect?

Sep 17, 2018 2:38:09 PM / by Garen Markarian posted in Life Underwriting

A who?” is the typical response from anyone who has never heard of AHOU; The Association of Home Office Underwriters. If you happen to be in the life insurance industry, then you may have attended the Annual Conference which is held annually across North America. In 2018, the conference was in Chicago, and I was fortunate to be able to attend this four-day action packed conference. This was my first time attending AHOU, it was an exciting experience from which I was able to take away several expert insights to apply to my work.

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Will Pharmacogenetics Impact Life Underwriting? Expert Series Week 12

Aug 17, 2018 2:02:52 PM / by Garen Markarian posted in Underwriting, Life Underwriting, Underwriting Expert Series

It's Week 12 of our Underwriting Expert Series, and we are excited to be exploring an overview of Pharmacogenetics with Senior Underwriter, Garen Markarian. Make sure to subscribe to our blog to receive the latest expert series in your inbox.

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Underwriting Applicants with Epilepsy - Expert Series Week 8

May 9, 2018 11:33:06 AM / by Garen Markarian posted in Underwriting Expert Series


This is the eighth article in our Expert Underwriting Series. In a complex industry, understanding diverse health conditions and concerns can help you become more efficient and confident in your role as a life underwriter. Check out the full series to get an overview of longstanding and emerging trends in life underwriting and read on to hear from Garen Markarian, Senior Underwriter, on the impact and key considerations associated with epilepsy. 

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What is the Impact of the Opioid Crisis on Life Underwriters? - Expert Series Week 4

Feb 23, 2018 6:11:00 AM / by Garen Markarian posted in Life Underwriting, Underwriting Expert Series

This is the fourth edition of our Underwriting Expert Series. Make sure to catch up on the rest of the series here. This week, Senior Underwriter, GarenMarkarian, explores the opioid crisis, how it impacts the life insurance industry and what life underwriters need to consider when assessing applicants with current or past usage.

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The Impact of Marijuana on Insurance - Expert Series Week 2

Dec 18, 2017 6:30:00 AM / by Garen Markarian posted in Life Underwriting, Underwriting Expert Series

Welcome to the second edition of our LOGiQ3 Underwriting Expert Series! Each week, one of our life underwriters will provide an in depth look at an important topic for life underwriting professionals.  

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Aug 30, 2016 9:52:42 AM / by Garen Markarian posted in Underwriting, Life Insurance

Recently I wrote an article on Financial Underwriting and how it relates to Crime Scene Investigations. I loved seeing all of the discussions it sparked on LinkedIn! In that article, I outlined the concepts of underwriting financial life insurance products and thought I’d expand my reach by sharing some of my expertise on a hot topic that is definitely going to be having an impact on the life insurance industry; pharmacogenetics.

I’ve decided to break this out into two parts. In part 1 of this series, I’ll walk you through the definition of pharmacogenetics, various related concepts and dive into the specifics of DNA and Genetic Code. Part 2 will talk explicitly about how pharmacogenetics will have an impact on the life insurance industry, and more specifically, on life underwriting. All of this knowledge is aimed at helping underwriters grow! After all, for underwriters to set themselves apart from the masses, knowledge, expertise and a great attitude are their biggest differentiators.

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How these 3 Financial Underwriting Concepts Are Related to Crime Scene Investigations!

Aug 19, 2016 1:55:33 PM / by Garen Markarian

Have you ever wondered how the lead characters on crime solving TV shows (like CSI) are always able to magically solve cases in a 24-hour period? Highly unlikely right? While their timelines seem a little too good to be true, their consistent approach, which usually includes three steps, seems to work. First they assess the situation and call out the fact or crap! Then they usually do a little more investigation to get to the bottom of the mystery. And last, they uncover the truth. So how does this relate to financial underwriting? Well the three crime-solving steps are quite similar, read on to find out how!

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