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How to Onboard New Underwriters

Aug 8, 2017 5:00:52 PM / by Miguel Ceron posted in Underwriting, underwriting training

Picture this. It is your first day of a new job. You show up bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to seize the day and take on your new role. But to your dismay, you are left sitting at your desk for the first week awkwardly twiddling your thumbs and wondering how to appear to look busy. Maybe thinking, does this company even care that I'm part of the team? Not the greatest start you were hoping for in your newest adventure. And as a manager, probably not how you want your new hire to feel. Not to mention having someone trying to look busy is seriously unproductive. How can you eliminate this and make new hires feel like the made the right choice from day 1?

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How Global Atlantic is Streamlining Reinsurance Administration

Jul 31, 2017 8:33:37 AM / by Miguel Ceron posted in Reinsurance

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Why Recruiting Dynamic Talent = An All-Star Underwriting Team

Jun 22, 2017 3:41:40 PM / by Miguel Ceron posted in Underwriting, Training, E-Learning / Training

You have a gap on your underwriting team and are recruiting to fill the position. What kind of person are you looking for? What kind of person are you not looking for? While you have a set of skills and knowledge in mind, the recruiting process isn’t always as simple as finding a candidate with x years of experience or y and z qualifications. Plus, qualifications aren’t the ‘be all, end all’.

We are firm believers that hiring for fit is paramount - especially when you are hiring someone into a team environment. To cultivate a high performing team – being able to work collaboratively and demonstrate a thirst for learning are key assets.

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The Current State of Underwriting and What it Means for Leaders

May 31, 2017 1:01:00 PM / by Miguel Ceron posted in Underwriting, Training, Life Underwriting

The Insurance Industry is changing every day. These changes present themselves in our collective value offerings, in the methods of how we are able to buy and sell insurance, or even in how insurers are able to underwrite and classify risk. Regardless of the change, they all have implications on the evolving roles of Life Underwriters.

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How does our Underwriting Subscription Service Stack Up to Netflix?

Mar 27, 2017 11:08:00 AM / by Miguel Ceron posted in Underwriting

Are you the type of person who binge-watches your favorite show on Netflix? Or do you watch one or two episodes at a time? Whatever your viewing style, if you use Netflix you are aware of the convenient, cost-effective and customized experience you get from using it.

Not only has Netflix become extremly popular in recent years, it has also revolutionized the way we watch TV shows and movies. Particularly by eliminating many of the undesirable factors that come with tradtional means of watching shows on cable or a movie at the theatre.

Given that our underwriting subscription service aims to provide the same simple experience that Netflix strives for, we figured why not compare how the two stack up!  

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How to Proactively Manage Underwriting Resources

Mar 23, 2017 4:40:14 PM / by Miguel Ceron posted in Underwriting

Spotify, Netflix, Dollar Shave Club and Amazon Subscribe. What do these have in common? They are all subscription services that make people's lives easier, including mine! Why are services such as these becoming increasingly more popular? In recent years, consumer demands have shifted towards experiences that are customizable, convenient and cost effective. If you are an avid user of any subscription service, you know they definitely cater to this demand. So what does this have to do with managing underwriting resources? 

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5 Key Factors to Consider When Building Strategic Partnerships

Dec 9, 2016 1:59:16 PM / by Miguel Ceron posted in Insurance, Reinsurance

Partnerships exist in all aspects of our lives - whether they are in our personal relationships (spouses, friends, personal networks) or professional lives (colleagues, professional networks). In all cases – partnerships are meant to enhance current state of both parties and provide peace of mind, knowing you have a trusted partner to aid in specific aspects of your life.

Let’s consider this in a corporate B2B scenario, partnerships should be mutually beneficial in a way that allows both parties to improve their overall service or offering through a shared commitment to a common goal.

These commonalities should extend beyond (but do still include) simple things like “ways to increase profit” or “growing your client base”. Now, you might be asking…

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Didn’t Think You’d End Up in Insurance? You’re Not Alone!

Oct 26, 2016 9:34:08 AM / by Miguel Ceron posted in Underwriting, Insurance, E-Learning / Training

There is an old joke in our industry that nobody actually grows up planning to be in insurance, you sort of just fall into it. While it may not be true ALL of the time, it is definitely a recurring theme among many of my industry peers – including myself.

For me, insurance was somewhat of a family business that I had a lot of exposure to growing up. After studying business, I decided that insurance was a logical step for me because I was familiar with the field. That was almost 10 years ago, and I have been building and enjoying my career in the insurance industry ever since.  

Many of our veterans within the life insurance industry are retiring and many more are expected to follow suit in the coming years.

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How does our North American Underwriting Expertise Apply to the European Market?

Sep 27, 2016 4:50:59 PM / by Miguel Ceron posted in Underwriting

In the first part of this series I explored the European Life Underwriting market and the must know health trends in this region. Now it's time to apply our knowledge of the North American underwriting market to this region. 

One thing we’ve learned from our experience in the North American underwriting market is the importance of building a strong team of underwriters. While there are several factors involved in this, the one I’ll touch on in this blog is education. This will ensure your team of underwriters has both the rudimentary knowledge of medical impairments plus an expert understanding of your market. So how do you set up your team for success,  equip them with the right knowledge and develop their ability to effectively manage risk?

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[Underwriting] Education in the Evolving World of Risk Assessment

Sep 22, 2016 5:07:16 PM / by Miguel Ceron posted in Underwriting

Continuous education is something we champion at LOGiQ3, not only as one of the 11 Maxims that drive the way we do business, but as a way to ensure our team of experts remain just that – experts. This is especially important for Life Underwriters as modern medicine is constantly evolving and new information about medical impairments is more readily available. The near constant stream of new information and advancements in medicine have an effect on the mortality rates of a population, making this knowledge a must-have in order for Underwriters to effectively assess a client’s risk profile.

There are, of course, numerous factors that contribute to an insured’s overall risk classification. Some are uncontrollable (family history, genetic predisposition, etc.) and others are controllable external factors (diet, lifestyle, etc.) – even Geographic Location can have an effect on the types of medical impairments that a life insured may be at risk for. Regardless, being aware of what your market is at risk for will be key to your success as an underwriter.

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