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Conveying Company Culture and Purpose through Office Art

Thu, 16 Jan 2014 14:00:00 +0000 / by Natalie Ho

I have a thing for art. Not just fine art, but any kind of art. Art can come in many forms - whether it's a painting, a cartoon strip, or the ever so slick product packaging at companies like Apple and Nest. I've come to appreciate art in all forms. 

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Natalie Ho is Assistant VP at LOGiQ3
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We recently went through a mini redesign of the office and we wanted to incorporate art work that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but pieces that can convey our company's culture. I personally believe having art in the office is "tres importante"! We spend so much time in the office, just as we would put art around the house to enjoy, why wouldn't we do the same in our office space? Artwork can also inspire us to be creative, to think outside of the box and drive innovation through that thinking. 

We had some incredible etching of our Maxims done on our Board Room and Meeting Room glass panels, as well as displayed some of our Eli's photos around our office. The personal added touch of these pieces, really does speak to our company culture and an environment that our staff feel a sense of belonging.

While continuing to look for more artwork options (we've got more walls!), I came across gapingvoid. I thoroughly enjoy their work and also the purpose behind it. gapingvoid not only creates art work, but they affect change in business and business culture, through the use of their distinct style of drawing. It really is Art With Purpose. 

Here are a selection of some pieces that resonated with me and our company from the gapingvoid

Art and Culture

Does your office have some cool art work? How does your office art convey your company's culture or business purpose? 

I'd love to see some! Share your story! 

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Natalie Ho

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