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How Successful People Build Stellar Social Media Profiles on LinkedIn

Wed, 14 Dec 2016 21:32:02 +0000 / by Megan Gardner

5 steps to building a stellar linkedin profile

What steps do successful people take in building stellar profiles on LinkedIn vs people who just setup their profile and forgot about it?

The best place to start, is determining what your social media goals are. Do you want to simply gain more followers? Are you looking to make connections with influential professionals? Perhaps become a brand ambassador for your company? Or are you looking to set yourself apart from your colleagues for a promotion or a job you're after?

Whatever your goal may be, you'll come to see that LinkedIn allows you to position yourself as a thought-leader, ultimately positioning you for success. Here's how you can get started today. 

In a series of social media blog posts previously shared on the THiNK Blog, we covered the following key concepts: 

  • The importance of having a social presence
  • The value of a robust network
  • How you can leverage LinkedIn to position yourself as a thought-leader.

Now, it’s time to start building (or rebuilding) your LinkedIn profile to ensure you have a solid online presence. Think beyond a digital version of your CV & resume. Many colleagues have asked me how they can reach LinkedIn’s “All-Star” profile status, so I thought I’d share some sure-fire ways to help boost your profile to that level. Below are two of the five steps to building a stellar LinkedIn profile from our Insurance Professional's Guide to LinkedIn

1. Show Samples of Previous Work.

Have you ever prepared your butt off for an interview, only to get there and realize that you probably should have put together a portfolio of your previous work for the interviewer to browse? Been there!

How to avoid this?

Did you know that LinkedIn has a dedicated section of your profile for samples of your previous work? You can upload files such as videos and images, or even important PowerPoint presentations or Word documents that you may have prepared in your previous roles. If you’re new to the industry and just starting out, don’t worry, you can pull from your academic achievements. 

This is a great way for you to showcase a variety of projects you’ve worked on that may be applicable to the role you’re interviewing for. The best part; the interviewer can see all of this, even before you walk through the door. And if you took hints from the previous blog, they will be able to see your thought-leadership shine through as well.

2. Optimize your profile to get found for keywords.

This is a great tip! Many people are unaware of the power of the LinkedIn search bar. It allows you to search more than just peoples’ names. In an advanced search, you can even filter on specific keywords like “life insurance” or “fintech” or on previous work someone’s done, and so, so much more.

Optimizing your profile for particular keywords, will help elevate your profile to the top of the search results.

Say your applying for a job that uses a particular software that you may be unfamiliar with, however, you have experience with a similar software from a different vendor. Having that software listed in your profile, either in your job’s description section or in your “skills” or “additional info” sections will help you when it comes time to the selection process for the role you’re applying to.

The interviewer will be able to see that while you may not have experience using the software that they use, you have similar (applicable) experience with a competitor’s software.

Prospective employers actively leverage LinkedIn’s search bar to find qualified candidates for opportunities all of the time. Ensuring your profile is optimized for the keywords that apply to your experience, will help boost your performance in their search results and increase the likelihood of you being found.

Discover the rest of the steps by downloading The Insurance Professional's Guide to LinkedIn below

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Updated by Megan Gardner, originally authored by Nick Joly

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Megan Gardner

Written by Megan Gardner

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