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Using LOGiQ3's E-Learning Program to Complement your Life Underwriting Insurance Designation Studies

Fri, 21 Aug 2015 17:18:45 +0000 / by Seema Samad


Hi there,

My name is Seema and I’m one of LOGiQ3’s life underwriters. Not long ago, one of my wonderful colleagues and of course friend, here at LOGiQ3 wrote a blog post titled;   “The Reinsurance Analyst's Guide to Achieving your FLMI, ARA & ACS” which provided some insight on what is needed to own your career in the Reinsurance industry and take it to the next level. On a similar note, my goal with this blog post I have for you here is to shed light on how Underwriters can gain a competitive edge while studying for their professional designations, FALU and FLMI.

LOGiQ3 prides itself on Education. Continued Education for an underwriter is like a whetstone for a blade (Game Of Thrones reference) and while we have one of the best comprehensive E-Learning programs for underwriters and life insurance professionals alike, I personally could not think of a better way to utilize it than to conjunctively take the courses with an ALU or LOMA course (like training for a battle). It’s a perfect match to complement your studying.

“Underwriting is much like an art, it’s a balance of all these important skills with education being a key factor.”

Let’s put it into perspective, you may not be able to comprehend the many important factors involving Type II diabetes and the different tests involved in assessing control, but using and referencing LOGiQ3’s Underwriting E-Learning Program modules, can give you a great review on the gold standard tests and increase your understanding about them, the great part is how applicable it can be to the ALU 101 course. The LOGiQ3 Underwriting Program offers very hands-on training with available quizzes and tests that are graded instantly– to give you a clear picture of areas that you may need to focus extra attention on.

A common misconception is that you have to be at the junior level to be able to take advantage of the underwriting E-Learning courses. However, part of what makes the program so unique, is that the underwriting modules are good for more advanced underwriters too – you can look up disorders that you don’t see very often. There are many different case studies that are specifically geared to the different levels of underwriting. And the graded report you receive at the end of the E-Learning program is very rewarding in many different ways.

As all underwriters know, once that dreaded mid-April exam time rolls around the ALU exam will be there - prepared or not. . . .They’re only offered once a year and you don’t want to leave anything to chance on that Scan Tron. Why not be prepared with a few extra E-Learning courses and certificates under your belt to give you the extra edge? I know I would – as a LOGiQ3 employee we all have access to the E-Learning program which is a limitless gift in itself. And I hope it doesn’t come as a surprise to you by now, that we ALL reference the course material on the daily.

Our VP of Underwriting at LOGiQ3, Carmela Tedesco, recently wrote an article, “The Imminent Shortage of Underwriters: How to Plan for the Future” which is a great eye opener to the fact that there’s a predicted 23% decrease in underwriters in a whopping five years! That’s going to have a huge impact on who is being trained to help ease the transition and to fill the (many) gaps - so to speak - in the underwriting world. The formula for successful underwriters includes your designations, your experience, and your ability to keep current with medical best practices. Underwriting is much like an art, it’s a balance of all these important skills with education being a key factor. With this formula and a little tenacity, you will certainly remain a hot commodity in the underwriting industry.

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Seema Samad

Written by Seema Samad

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