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How to Proactively Manage Underwriting Resources

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 20:40:14 +0000 / by Miguel Ceron


Spotify, Netflix, Dollar Shave Club and Amazon Subscribe. What do these have in common? They are all subscription services that make people's lives easier, including mine! Why are services such as these becoming increasingly more popular? In recent years, consumer demands have shifted towards experiences that are customizable, convenient and cost effective. If you are an avid user of any subscription service, you know they definitely cater to this demand. So what does this have to do with managing underwriting resources? 

Have you and your underwriting team experienced the inconvenience that an unexpected absence during peak season can cause? The cost of bottlenecks in business it can cause? And let's not forget about the effect on time service standards for your clients. Sound familiar? We feel your pain.

Imagine waking up one day knowing that you have easy access to a team of expert underwriters who are trained on your business, systems and philosophy. A team that could quickly fill the gap and ensure your underwriting capabilities are not disrupted. Starting to sound like a customizable, convenient subscription? Well I have good news!

Introducing LOGiQ3’s underwriting subscription service!

Our subscription service provides you with ‘anytime access’ to underwriting talent through a simple monthly subscription model. Subscribers receive 40 resource hours per month at a flat fee with the option to ramp up in accordance with your needs and even obtain additional resource hours at a discounted rate.

What kind of expertise does this subscription service include?

Our dynamic talent pool has a high degree of expertise in both Individual and Group Life products in addition to Critical Illness, Disability and Hospitalization. All resources aligned to your business are proactively managed by LOGiQ3 – alleviating your resource strain, completely.

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Are LOGiQ3's underwriters trained to work on my business at any given time?

Of course! And here is how. When LOGiQ3 Underwriters are aligned to your business, our robust, cross-training approach assigns multiple underwriters to be trained on your processes, systems and philosophies. Training only needs to be conducted once, at the onset of the subscription. This eliminates the burden of retraining new resources or having to increase it during peak periods. You will have the full benefit of already trained underwriters anytime, on an as needed basis.

Just how quickly can underwriters work on my business?

Glad you asked. Subscribers of this service can gain access to trained underwriters who are ready-to-go with only 2 business day’s notice to LOGiQ3.

Our flat monthly pricing structure is a simple as our solution – with two subscription lengths available – both providing you with 40 resource hours each month. Download our underwriting subscription service guide to get a full understanding of the options available.

What if I need additional hours?

Let's say it’s peak season and your underwriting resource needs go beyond the 40 hours included in the subscription – no problem!  Any additional hours you may need are available to you, and will be billed based on the number of hours using 3 tiers which are also outlined in our underwriting subscription service guide

As you can see, our underwriting subscription service provides underwriting operations leaders with a proactive way of managing resource needs. 

Interested in proactively managing your underwriting resources?

I thought you might be, download our subscription service guide here and I'll be in touch to assess your needs.

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Miguel Ceron

Written by Miguel Ceron

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