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Insights from Implementing an Underwriting Education Internship!

Tue, 12 Apr 2016 18:00:17 +0000 / by Carmela Tedesco


Finding good talent and hiring the right trainees within your organization can be an exhaustive process, and often times there are so many factors to consider aside from just a candidate's skill level. A great way to simplify the process, is by investing in an education internship. 

In the fall/winter of 2015, the underwriting team at LOGiQ3 implemented our very own in-house Underwriting Education Internship, and today, I’m excited to share the insights with you! But before diving into what we learned from our experience, here are some of the reasons you might want to consider implementing an education internship and how it can benefit YOUR business!

An Underwriting Education Internship:

  • Increases the resource talent pool available to the entire industry,
  • Gives you access to top talent that are committed to post-graduate training,
  • Reduces employee onboarding time,
  • Increases awareness for specialized professions such as Life Underwriting,
  • Among many other benefits!

So what are some of the insights we learned from bringing in four interns and providing them with full access to our Underwriting Training E-Learning modules, (a combined value of over $15,000.00!)? Let’s have a look.

In late 2015, LOGiQ3 implemented our first ever education internship that lasted for a period of three months. Four candidates were selected through an extensive interview process. Though the internship was unpaid, each trainee was given access to LOGiQ3’s Underwriting E-Learning modules as well as LOMA Learn courses. All education was completed on the student’s own time through self-study, e-learning, and classroom training. The modules covered the fundamentals of insurance underwriting and included practical case studies for grading.

After working alongside our trainees, mentoring and coaching them throughout the internship, here are some of the key insights we derived.

1) A medical background is an asset, not a requirement. 

2) Our e-learning modules apply in both a classroom setting and self-study e-learning environment.

3), 4) & 5) Find out in our eBook!

[Download] Insights of Implementing an Underwriting Education Internship.

Ultimately, our internship program allowed us to determine that all four trainees were well selected for this program and none of them disappointed. Each had strengths that would enable them to continue on to be great underwriters - and you can read about their success stories of finding careers within days of completing our program, by downloading the eBook! 

Implementing the underwriting training course was a win-win-win. We benefited from hiring a skilled resource that happened to be a great fit within our organization. The students gained the fundamentals of what it takes to be great underwriters. And last but not least, the program provided the profession of life underwriting with more skilled resources!



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Carmela Tedesco

Written by Carmela Tedesco

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