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Lead with Feedback: How to Build a High-Performing Team

Fri, 19 Oct 2018 20:14:05 +0000 / by Raymond E. DiDonna

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Managers tackle diverse responsibilities and competing deadlines – but the most important thing they manage is their team. In order to get the best performances from individuals and create a unified team, managers need to be well-versed in effective feedback strategies. Connecting with people and providing feedback that resonates is a critical skill to achieve your goals and get results.

Regardless of role or title, people want to be treated with respect – especially when hearing tough feedback. Honest and authentic communication is key to share praise and criticism of your team’s performance. Meet face-to-face and be thoughtful. Ask yourself, “How would I want to hear this feedback?” Putting yourself in their shoes leads to more effective management and communication.

Three qualities that make feedback constructive are timeliness, candidness, and clarity. Use these criteria to deliver high-quality feedback as you lead and develop your team’s talent:

  1. Timely - Follow up with thoughts and notes as soon as possible, while the event is still fresh and relevant. Give people enough time to integrate the feedback in their next project.
  2. Candid – Be honest and straightforward. Forget the gentle approach but always remain tactful and respectful.
  3. Clear – Give specific examples of what went wrong and concrete ideas about how to improve. A frame of reference ensures everyone is on the same page.

Effective feedback is a powerful tool to nurture high-performance teams. Beyond technical industry expertise, managers need leadership skills to elevate their career – and their team’s performance.

Learn more about feedback and other essential skills current and soon-to-be managers can master during The Actuarial Manager’s Toolkit Webinar on November 6. Our very own Ray DiDonna will be sharing actionable insights on transitioning into a leadership role and building a high performing team. 

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Raymond E. DiDonna

Written by Raymond E. DiDonna

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