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Official Brand Launch of Canada's Life Insurance Advisor Compliance Solution

Aug 29, 2014 6:45:00 AM / by Natalie Ho posted in Insurance, Technology, Press Releases

Toronto, ON, August 29, 2014 – Expert provider of life insurance and reinsurance consulting, outsourcing and training services, LOGiQ3, officially announces the name and brand of its subsidiary corporation: APEXA Corp., the solution for higher standardization, connectivity and confidence in contracting and compliance for the Canadian life insurance industry.

The APEXA initiative is an industry-led solution that has partnered with several bodies including Canada’s largest life insurance carriers and brokerage managing general agencies, independent advisors and companies as well as the nation’s provincial regulators. Working closely with the Canadian life insurance community in order to deploy its industry standard solution, APEXA will provide secure communication channels, verified life insurance advisor data and standardization for compliance and screening.

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LOGiQ3 attends Profit 200 CEO Summit - Toronto 11th June

Jul 3, 2012 7:52:00 AM / by Simon Bell posted in Insurance, Consulting, Outsourcing, Press Releases, Marketing

So we made the list again, 3 years in a row, which is testament to the hard work of everyone at LOGiQ3 and the support of our partners, advisors and clients. 

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So that was 2011...

Feb 7, 2012 1:41:00 AM / by Chris Murumets posted in Thought Leadership, LOGiQ3, Press Releases

Not only is 2011 over, but January 2012 has also flown by.  Every year it feels like time begins to move faster and faster.

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LOGiQ3 Partners with the 'Original' MIB... (not those alien hunting government agents)

Nov 8, 2011 8:53:00 AM / by Simon Bell posted in Press Releases, Industry News

So far we have kept the blog away fr

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Who is your 'Inside-Outside' Double Act?

Jul 28, 2011 9:06:00 AM / by Simon Bell posted in Press Releases, Thought Leadership

At the recent PROFIT 200 event, David G Thomson, author of Blueprint to a Billion, discussed the concept of an 'Inside-Outside' leadership partnerships, citing several examples of companies such as Microsoft and BlackBerry as exhibiting this leadership concept. This concept is simply that in any dynamic duo, such as the one guiding LOGiQ3 (there have been other words beside ‘dynamic’ used) one half is internally focused, guiding operations and resolving internal issues, and one half is externally focused, working closely with clients and the market. This led to Chris and me discussing which of us plays which role. We decided that it depends on the specific project but that we do tend to pick a role and stick to it. An interesting insight and one we were not aware of before the presentation.

David then went to show marketing pictures of leadership pairs which always showed the ‘insider’ on the left and the ‘outsider’ on the right (I think it was that way around) but the point is that this photographic approach is not being done by accident.

Furthermore, David suggested you should look internally within your organizations and look to build your succession plan using inside-outside partnerships, which again had us thinking about LOGiQ3 and how this might apply.

So there you have it, the ‘Inside-Outside’ leadership approach. Now all this may mean nothing if you’re leading an organization/department/team on your own but when we discussed it we thought that even when the org chart points to an individual, often there is a right-hand man (or woman) who that leader uses in a similar way.

I know that we always ask for feedback but we would be interested in your ‘Inside-Outside’ examples, either well known companies or your own company (which may also be well known).


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Profit 200 CEO Summit

Jun 20, 2011 11:57:00 AM / by Chris Murumets posted in Press Releases, Thought Leadership, Marketing

Last week Simon and I were fortunate to be able to attend the PROFIT 200 CEO Summit, as a consequence of being ranked 25th in the 23rd annual PROFIT 200 ranking of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies by PROFIT Magazine. It was a great experience.

It opened with Michael Lee Chin providing his view to the world and business success. Michael’s business model was very different to other mutual funds, based on picking less companies and holding them for longer. His approach was to REALLY THINK about what CUSTOMERS WANT from a money manager, and not just what the money manager wants. The different model led to some interesting challenges along the way but his fundamental belief in an ‘intellectual framework’ for decision making ensure the right decision will be taken. We have been working on our own decision process so it was good to hear that this hard work is not in vain! We both loved his message of the three most important things in life and business; Do Well, Do Good and Have Fun! He also makes you really think about how you grow a business when he suggests you always consider legacy and asks “What will your legacy be?”.

David Thomson then spoke to the group about growth strategies. It was a very cool message on how companies that reach $50M in sales, can get to $1B. Not a guaranty but his research pointed to an eighty percent chance, which is pretty high.

The key factor he identified was the revenue growth trajectory as you cross the $50M marker that defines your curve to $1B. All fact and numbers based and not speculation or opinion. Looking forward to reading his book “Blueprint to a Billion”.

Later in the day Robert Herjavec gave a very funny talk on how his career has evolved and what drove him to the success that he has enjoyed. The key messages in his speech were; don’t be afraid to put yourself out there (being shy, timid and unknown isn’t going to help you or your business) and dream big!

The final keynote speaker was Bruce Poon Tip, the founder and CEO of Gap Adventures. Could have been a tough spot, with game seven of the Stanley Cup being played, but it was still a full house, which has to be the highest compliment from a Canadian audience (could change if the Leafs were in game seven, but no immediate concerns sadly). Another fantastic speaker and message!One of the funniest slides was a picture of a cassette (an actual cassette tape that played music – remember those) with the caption “iPod….. I am your father!” It’s amazing how Gap Adventures has concentrated not only on growing a business, but making the planet a better place – and succeeded at both. Their 5 core values are very similar to some of the maxims we have at LOGiQ3. In fact we share one; Do the Right Thing.

Although all speakers were quite different, came from different backgrounds and have different businesses, there did feel like a common thread running through all of them:

    1. Be proud of what you have accomplished

    1. Never lose sight that business building isn’t just about making money it’s about building value for people and for our communities

    1. Have fun along the way. Its hard work, it always will be, so enjoy it.

Finally, we would like to thank PROFIT magazine. Ian Portsmouth and the rest of the team do a fantastic job for Canadian Entrepreneurs. The annual PROFIT 200 list gives us something to strive for and the CEO Summit reminds us how lucky we are to be on the list.

Looking forward to the 2012 Summit…hopefully!

Chris & Simon
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