Chris Murumets

Co-Founder & CEO, LOGiQ3 Group


 Chris Murumets is the CEO & Co-Founder of LOGiQ3 Group, a group of companies providing consulting, outsourcing, and software solutions to help life and health re/insurers solve data, compliance, and operational challenges.

In his current role, Chris is responsible for driving growth, discovering strategic partnerships, and creating synergies between insurers, reinsurers, and insurtechs through an open collaborative innovation model that drives acceleration and positive impact to the life and health insurance industry.

Prior to co-founding LOGiQ3 in 2006, Chris began his career at Crown Life and later at Sun Life where his portfolio spanned ceded administration, corporate actuarial, assets/liability management and reinsurance operations. He is an active volunteer of many industry associations and has held positions such as President of the LOMA Society of Toronto, Executive Director of CAILBA, and founding member of Reinsurance Administration Professionals’ Association.

Chris has been a member of the Canada Most Admired CEO Board of Governors, made up of leaders from past winning Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Culture Companies. He is passionate about building a company culture that drives employee engagement and organizational profitability. Chris enjoys mentoring students and professionals, and as the VP of Woodsworth College Alumni Association at the University of Toronto, Chris is devoted to inspiring the young minds of the future.

A serial entrepreneur who strives to create change, Chris has led the successful establishment of three start-up businesses and continues to bring new perspectives to make insurance better.


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust.

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