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Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc

Industrial Alliance proactively manages fluctuating volumes of work by using LOGiQ3

  • As a forward thinking and innovative company, Industrial Alliance, was looking for a flexible approach to augment anticipated and unplanned fluctuations in workload demands for their underwriting team. 
  • Industrial Alliance required a solution that would:

    -Provide access to high quality underwriters, allowing them to continue delivering excellent service and customer experience 
    -Offer flexibility to dial up or down according to the business in need of processing

  • Looking for high quality underwriting and a need for on-demand resources, LOGiQ³ proposed their underwriting subscription model. This would provide Industrial Alliance with a skilled pool of underwriters, that were trained on their business, to tap into for support at any given time – daily, weekly or monthly.

A partnership between Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc and LOGiQresulted in an optimal way to ensure there were resources available for cases at all times. 

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A large insurer in the US, active in mergers and acquisitions, knew that integrating new blocks of business meant they were potentially exposed to reinsurance data and financial risks.

  •  LOGiQ3' s comprehensive treaty review process provided the insurer with a full understanding of their risk portfolio ,familiarity with their blocks of business, a summary of errors or inconsistencies.

  • The result was improved risk management and data quality, understanding of the flow of information, greater synergy within the company and more. 

 LOGiQ3 provided the client with a summary of errors and ‘road to recovery’ plan to improve inconsistencies and fix errors, ultimately reducing the risk of future financial impact.

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Global Atlantic Financial Group

Global Atlantic achieves reinsurance administration efficiencies by using LOGiQ3.

  • In 2008, Commonwealth Annuity, now part of Global Atlantic Financial Group, embarked on an internal review of their reinsurance business processes to optimize their operations strategy.
  • The review included their legacy blocks as well as blocks that had been newly acquired.
  • Looking to minimize the financial, reputational and operational risks in their ceded reinsurance function, Global Atlantic sought a solution for the administration of the business that was both strategic and proactive.

A partnership between Global Atlantic Financial Group and LOGiQthat delivers ease.

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Standard Life

Standard Life Outsources Production Underwriting Services to LOGiQ3 in a Time of Critical Change. 

  • In 2012, the annoucement that Standard Life would no longer be selling their individual life insurance and critical illness products, coupled with a decrease in staff headcount, negatively impacted the business and overall employee morale. 
  • A main priority of Standard Life during this pivotal moment was to ensure that the quality of service to customers would not be altered, no matter what the internal challenges were.
  • LOGiQ3 was engaged to be the provider of outsourced underwriting solution services to Standard Life, covering all lines of business. 

A collaborative business partnership between Standard Life and LOGiQresulted in a great outcome.

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