Why Consider a Career in Underwriting?

Is underwriting for you?

Most people believe that to become a successful underwriter, a background in medicine and/or science is required. That's not quite the case.

We have top performing underwriters with degrees and backgrounds in, Arts, Commerce, Health/Applied Sciences, Engineering, Sociology, Mathematics, Nursing and Kinesiology.


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 Life insurance underwriting can be an attractive opportunity for many new grads. Aside from the growth potential, starting salaries are a big draw.
Have a look at the approximate salary ranges for Canadian life insurance undwerwriters. 

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A free trial grants 7-day access to snippets of three of our most popular courses. You'll get a glimpse into our video-based courses, and multiple choice questions to test your knowledge.

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Life Underwriting Training Program Details

We offer 29 online courses covering everything an underwriter needs to know. You will first learn about the different medical conditions, diseases & disorders, behaviours and lifestyle choices essential to a life underwriter, then you will be put in the role of an underwriter, where you will demonstrate your knowledge through case analysis and practical underwriting activities. 

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Our professional education partner is LOMA. We offer courses through their institution, the course format and learning time required is the same across both channels. 

Learners can get started by visiting their website page and enrolling in the courses through their site: 

LOMA Underwriting Training Program

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Hear Isabelle's Story

Isabelle Azevedo began as an underwriting intern/trainee and went through LOGiQ3's full underwriting training program. Once she finished all of her online learning and practice case studies, she went on to become one of our full time underwriter extraordinaires! 

Hear what Isabelle thought of the program and what she has to say to questions like:

  • What types of skills does an underwriter require to succeed?
  • As an underwriter, what would you say is the biggest challenge in terms of advancing in this profession?
  • What did you study in post-secondary school? What degree is best suited for underwriting? 
  • How do you feel the program has contributed to your success within your career?

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