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Our Culture is the collective consciousness that is infused in our organization and our people.

Recognized as one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies, we know that culture drives performance. We hire for fit. Having the right mix of people that share our beliefs is what makes us unique (and fun!). Culture is an evolution and it is a key priority at our organization. 

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What Makes Us Tick!

Our Maxims


A set of eleven guiding principles that are embedded in EVERYTHING we do.

Socially Responsible

Socially Responsible

We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility.

A Great Workplace

A Great Workplace

That offers work/life balance across five dimensions.

Core Behaviours

Core Behaviors 

Trust, Respect, Integrity; Innovative Thinking; Simplicity & Speed; Continuous Improvement.

Culture Teams


Ten teams made up of our employees dedicated to our culture.

The LOGiQ3 Maxims

Our Maxims drive how we do business and how we interact with our clients, partners, colleagues - our community

  • Do the right thing.
  • Be a sponge. Curiosity is life. Assumption is death. Look around.
  • Protect the brand.
  • Things change constantly. Plan on it. Flow to the work.
  • Client driven.
  • Build a framework. Not a process.
  • Think. Slow down. Think.
  • Clarity begets action. Over communicate.
  • Continuous improvement. Continuous Learning.
  • Quality work the first time. 
  • Knowledge is people. 
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