LOGiQ3 Underwriting Internship Program

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Are you willing to learn and persevere in all that you do? You can turn that hard earned degree/diploma into an opportunity in the financial services industry.

We have a life underwriting training program designed to attract recent university or college graduates in various disciplines (please see a full list below) to prepare them for a future professional role in life insurance underwriting. Our approach will fast track your professional development and you will be able to add value to the team as quickly as possible.

As a life insurance underwriter, you will review medical and financial history as well as lifestyle habits of individuals applying for insurance coverage. You will assign an appropriate risk category by analyzing and interpreting the underwriting evidence for mortality and morbidity risk.

So why become a Life Underwriter?

If you are curious by nature, love to learn, and have an interest in medicine and health, you should strongly consider a career in Underwriting. The Underwriter is responsible for selecting which applicants, who are applying for life insurance, will be allowed to have the insurance policy at the normal rate of premium and which applicant must pay more, because of a higher mortality due to either a health or lifestyle risk. The Underwriter is often referred to as the ‘gatekeeper of mortality’ because the Underwriter makes the decision to accept or deny a risk. The pricing actuary and the Underwriter work together in this process. The pricing actuary makes the assumptions and sets the premium rates.  However, the Underwriter must ensure that the individuals accepted at the standard rate of premium have the characteristics assumed in the pricing basis and those that do not have these characteristics pay a large premium and, in some cases, are not acceptable at all.  

The Underwriting profession allows you advancement through many paths depending on your goals and desires. Depending on your chosen path you can advance your career into a leadership role such as a Manager of Underwriting, Chief Underwriter, Assistant Vice President or Vice President.  If leadership is not in your career path, then instead you may want to become a strong, technical Senior Underwriter or get involved in Training other underwriters. The possibilities are many and the hard work pays off financially.   

Compensation and advancement are great for high performers and those who have the right attitude! The right attitude is key not just in underwriting but in most professions.

A Internship Program Designed for You!

Internship Description  


The three month internship training program is an unpaid internship related to education purposes and employment will be based on demonstrated performance, aptitude and attitude during the internship program. The training program combines foundational coursework through a rotational self-study, E-Learning, classroom training, and business skills training. Program and industry exam results will be utilized as portion of the overall evaluation process. In addition to having access to subject matter experts throughout the program, the successful candidates will also have mentors to help guide them through the program and throughout their career at LOGiQ³.   


This program covers the fundamentals of life insurance and underwriting.  To build well rounded underwriters, the program also exposes the candidates to actual case study work during throughout the program and practical case study work is emphasized for at least six weeks following the E-Learning curriculum.  Once the 27 E-Learning modules are completed, the individual will complete real cases as if in a production environment in order to qualify for an underwriting approval limit based on performance.

Business practices skills will be done through a self-study program for time management, customer service and communication skills. Result 

The internship is up to a three month program and the training is provided and financed by LOGiQ³ including any required industry courses during this time. The intern is not entitled to wages or any compensation or benefits for the time spent in internship, however our internship program is equivalent to a minimum of $15,000 CDN in value.   

An overall passing grade of 85% is required to obtain a LOGiQ³ E-Learning course completion.  The successful candidate(s) who will have achieved the certificate of completion, and have demonstrated a strong performance in the training, aptitude and the right attitude, as determined by the LOGiQ³ mentors for the entire program, will be considered for full time employment. The internship is related to an educational purpose and there is no guarantee or expectation that the activity will result in employment with LOGiQ³.

Post Internship 

Each intern will be assigned a senior underwriter to serve as a mentor during the internship program and for the career path at LOGiQ³, if selected for employment.  The mentors are selected from among the company’s top underwriters for continuous technical and business guidance. The mentor(s) will also evaluate the underwriter’s performance, provide feedback on an ongoing basis and ensures the underwriter is on track for their customized career development plan.

At the end of the 4th year the hired underwriter(s) should have completed all the LOMA and ALU courses for their FALU designation.

All available internship positions for 2015 have already been filled.
Thank you for your interest!

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