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[Press Release] CLIEDIS Contracts LOGiQ3 to Provide Administrative Support

Nov 9, 2016 4:00:00 PM / by Natalie Ho


CLIEIDIS announces today that effective immediately, LOGiQ3 will provide administrative support to CLIEDIS.
CLIEDIS’ Executive Director, Darlys Corbitt, expects this partnership to improve the operational effectiveness and efficiencies of CLIEDIS.  She comments that moving the day-to-day administrative activities to LOGiQ3, allows both her and the association’s Implementation Specialist, Tana Sabatino, more time to focus on CLIEDIS’ primary objectives which include:

  • Developing industry standards to improve communications whenever electronic data is sent and needs to be shared with multiple business partners;
  • Providing support to CLIEDIS members with the implementation of data exchange solutions using common insurance data standards;
  • Supporting CLIEDIS members when challenges or concerns post implementation occur, through consultation and mediation;
  • Advocating the use of data exchange standards in the industry, through speaking engagements, meetings and industry communication;
  • Defining and refining data standards as industry priorities evolve and change.

Chris Murumets, Co-Founder & CEO, LOGiQ3 Group says,

“We are excited that CLIEDIS chose LOGiQ3 to support their association’s administrative needs.  Associations are an important part of any industry, and we believe they make an industry stronger."  

"We are proud to be working with CLIEDIS and are excited to support them as they continue their great work in the insurance data standards space.”
With this change, CLIEDIS’ mailing address and phone number change to:

60 Adelaide Street East, Suite 1300
Toronto, ON, M5C 3E4

Note, this article was originally published on the CLIEDIS site here

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Natalie Ho

Written by Natalie Ho

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