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LOGiQ3 partners with Andrew Wibberley of Alea Risk to expand global Life Underwriting Training Programme to UK and Ireland Insurers

Nov 23, 2016 4:00:00 AM / by Natalie Ho posted in Underwriting, Press Releases

This deal will allow UK and Irish Underwriters to gain greater access and benefit from LOGiQ3’s highly acclaimed digital Underwriting Training Programme.

Cardiff, UK – 23rd November, 2016: LOGiQ3, a global consulting and outsourcing provider to the life insurance and reinsurance market, have announced a new distribution partnership with Andrew Wibberley – Alea Risk, a specialist change and customer proposition consultancy provider, to bring its industry recognised Underwriting Training Programme to the UK and Ireland market.

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Innovative Underwriting Training Provider launches New Improved Platform

Oct 1, 2015 7:00:00 AM / by Natalie Ho posted in Underwriting, E-Learning / Training, Press Releases, Industry News


LOGiQ³ Corp. has been an expert provider of training and education to life underwriters and insurance advisors since 2007.  The initial launch of its Underwriting E-Learning Solution earned much success as it quickly gained approval of CE accreditation by the Institute for Advanced Financial Education (I.A.F.E.) and the recent recognition by LOMA, an international trade association for insurance and financial services industry.

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LOMA Teams with LOGiQ3 to Deliver Innovative Underwriting Education

Jul 30, 2015 6:00:00 AM / by Natalie Ho posted in Underwriting, E-Learning / Training

New Online Courses With Interactive Video Modules Build Underwriting Expertise

ATLANTA/TORONTO – JULY 30, 2015 – LOMA, an education trade association for the financial services industry, today announced its partnership with LOGiQ3, a life insurance and reinsurance services provider, to deliver selected LOGiQ3 underwriting courses. 

Through the partnership, LOGiQ3’s video-based underwriting training courses, suitable for all levels of underwriting, will be available to LOMA members through LOMA’s learning website. These underwriting courses cover a variety of medical and non-medical topics and consider all facets of mortality risk selection. 

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The Imminent Shortage of Underwriters: How to Plan for the Future

Jun 17, 2015 9:10:00 AM / by Carmela Tedesco posted in Underwriting, Industry News, Expert Articles

Reprinted with permission of ON THE RISK, Journal of the Academy of Life Underwriting 

Executive Summary 

The 2014 ALU Life Underwriter Census revealed some startling results about the imminent shortage of underwriters between 2014 and 2019 in US and Canada. As insurers and reinsurers, how are we planning today to replenish the talent pool? This article explores options and ideas to keep the underwriting talent pipeline full and ready for deployment.

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[Whitepaper] Life Underwriting Compensation Insight

Mar 30, 2015 3:45:48 PM / by Carmela Tedesco posted in Underwriting, Whitepapers and Research, Life Insurance

In the fourth quarter of 2014...

LOGiQ3 conducted a benchmarking survey with a select number of Life Insurance companies across Canada.

In analyzing the results, we were able to derive insight into the various compensation levels for Life Underwriters across Canada as well as across all levels of underwriting experience. By downloading your own copy, you will gain specific insight into: 

  • Years of experience associated with various levels of underwriting compensation
  • The corresponding approval limits to different underwriting levels
  • As well as the different levels of salary & compensation
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[Whitepaper] How to Succeed in a Time of Critical Change: Insights from Standard Life

Jan 16, 2015 3:30:00 PM / by Natalie Ho posted in Underwriting, Whitepapers and Research

Natalie Ho is VP Sales & Marketing at LOGiQ3
Connect with Natalie

I'm a big fan of sharing client success stories. I literally want to give them a big high five when I know that they've overcome a big obstacle or achieved their business goals. What's even more exciting is when LOGiQ3 is a part of the solution to drive success. 

In 2012, the announcement that Standard Life would no longer be selling their individual life insurance and critical illness products, coupled with a decrease in staff headcount, negatively impacted the business and overall employee morale. 

A main priority of Standard Life during this pivotal moment was to ensure that the quality of underwriting service to customers would not be altered, no matter what the internal challenges were. 

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The Protective Value Study of the MIB Checking Service for Group Voluntary Life Insurance

Jun 27, 2014 2:24:00 PM / by Carmela Tedesco posted in Whitepapers and Research, Underwriting, Thought Leadership

Reprinted with permission of ON THE RISK, Journal of the Academy of Life Underwriting.

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LOGiQ3 and Eckler Ltd. Partner on a Protective Value Study for MIB

May 31, 2013 2:15:00 PM / by Natalie Ho posted in Press Releases, Underwriting

Two organizations partner to perform a Protective Value Study that will quantify the value of MIB's Underwriting Services for Group Voluntary life insurance products sold through the worksite.

31, May 2013: MIB Group, Inc. is engaging LOGiQ3, an expert provider of life insurance and reinsurance consulting and outsourced services and Eckler Ltd., a consulting and actuarial firm based in Toronto to perform a Protective Value Study that will quantify the value of MIB’s Underwriting Services for Group Voluntary life insurance products sold through the worksite.

MIB periodically engages independent, third-party experts to conduct Protective Value Studies providing an impartial assessment of the value of MIB’s Underwriting Services in key market segments for the benefit of its 450 life and health insurance members and the North American industry at large. Each study targets a specific line of business, product type, distribution channel, and/or underwriting paradigm providing insight on the return of investment (ROI) insurers can expect by incorporating MIB into their risk selection process. Previous studies conducted on fully underwritten life and health insurance products showed MIB’s protective value at a nearly $50:1 ROI. A 2012 study conducted on a simplified issue life insurance product showed an ROI of $30:1, with protective value extending to face amounts as low as $3,600.

“These studies let insurers evaluate ROI based on the all-in costs of MIB,” said John Detwiler, MIB’s Director of Market Segments and Account Management. “Today, worksite marketing of group voluntary insurance products is a growing distribution channel for many MIB members—one where our research has shown anti-selective behaviors to be highly prevalent,” he continued. “We remain concerned that despite higher pricing for these products, insurers may not be sufficiently compensated for the additional ‘hidden risk’ they are assuming. We believe this study will demonstrate that insurers not using a simplified issue process that includes MIB are missing the chance to improve their quality of business and profitability.”

“We’re delighted to be working with LOGiQ3 and Eckler on the creation of this Protective Value Study,” continued Detwiler. MIB anticipates publishing the results of this Protective Value Study on Group Voluntary life insurance products in late 2013, and plans to share the study results with the industry (as they have in the past) through an article in the trade press.

Carmela Tedesco, Vice President at LOGiQ3 responsible for underwriting services and training said, “We are excited by the opportunity to help perform this Protective Value Study. All life insurance and reinsurance companies seek continual improvement in their risk management processes and will understand the value provided by services such as MIB.”

Sylvain Goulet, Principal at Eckler responsible for life and health insurance consulting said, “We look forward to working with LOGiQ3 to produce a high-quality report which will give MIB and its members a valuable tool to understand and appreciate its value in the Group Voluntary insurance segment.”

All parties involved in this partnership maintain unique expertise and competencies and are highly committed to deliver a risk-based approach Protective Value Study to the group insurance market specific to the voluntary segment.


About LOGiQ³

LOGiQ³ is the expert provider of life insurance and reinsurance consulting and outsourced services. LOGiQ³ delivers long-term strategic solutions and short-term tactical support across Underwriting, Reinsurance Administration, Claims and Audit. LOGiQ³ supports clients across the life insurance service chain from agent to retrocessionaire from its offices in Toronto, Canada, and Cardiff, UK.

About Eckler

Eckler is owned and operated by its active principals. It is the largest actuarial consulting firm with respect to both life and non-life insurance in Canada and in the English-speaking Caribbean. Eckler has a tradition of leadership in the actuarial profession and in the benefits industry. Our consultants are involved in the committee work and governance of various national and international professional organizations. We believe that the special insight we gain through these activities gives a competitive edge to our client services.


About MIB

MIB is the life and health insurance industry’s most trusted resource for underwriting information and analytical services. Owned by the industry it has served for more than a century, MIB is uniquely positioned to aggregate industry insights in order to develop products and services for its members that improve their risk management decisions. MIB, Inc. and MIB Solutions, Inc. are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the MIB Group, Inc.

Editorial and Media Notes: 

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LOGiQ3's Underwriting Training Program Totals 95 Underwriting Graduates Since Inception

Feb 1, 2013 7:00:00 AM / by Natalie Ho posted in Underwriting, Press Releases

Unique underwriting training program applaud by many in the insurance industry adds new graduates to their alumni family.

January 31, 2013 – Canadian-based LOGiQ3 Corp. (LOGiQ3) - offering a one-of-a kind underwriting training program to the North American underwriting community - increased its underwriting graduates to 95 since the inception of the program in 2007.

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Trimming Underwriting Times

Sep 24, 2012 10:00:00 AM / by Carmela Tedesco posted in Underwriting, Thought Leadership

Reduce the time it takes to get policies approved for wealthy clients

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