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[Whitepaper] Life Underwriting Compensation Insight

Mon, 30 Mar 2015 19:45:48 +0000 / by Carmela Tedesco

In the fourth quarter of 2014...

LOGiQ3 conducted a benchmarking survey with a select number of Life Insurance companies across Canada.

In analyzing the results, we were able to derive insight into the various compensation levels for Life Underwriters across Canada as well as across all levels of underwriting experience. By downloading your own copy, you will gain specific insight into: 

  • Years of experience associated with various levels of underwriting compensation
  • The corresponding approval limits to different underwriting levels
  • As well as the different levels of salary & compensation




Carmela Tedesco is VP Underwriting & Claims at LOGiQ3
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In conducting the research, analyzing the results and producing this whitepaper, the process has led us to discover great insights into the life underwriting compensation levels across Canada.

As thought leaders in the industry, LOGiQ3 is happy to share this with others in the industry for them to gain insight and help monitor industry-wide benchmarks to help grow their businesses. 

If you would like any additional information or to chat more on this subject, feel free to reach out to me directly or schedule a free consultation today! 

 Download my own copy of this whitepaper!


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Carmela Tedesco

Written by Carmela Tedesco

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