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The LOGiQGroup of Companies, a group that strives to make life simple while driving positive change in the insurance industry. By leveraging technology and a team of experts, The Group is always eager to challenge the status-quo and deliver new perspectives to the world of insurance. Currently The Group consists of four companies: LOGiQ3, TAI, APEXA and mL3. Find out how we are empowering you to make the best decisions for your insurance needs.

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LOGiQ3: Get strategic solutions for risk management


The life insurance and reinsurance experts providing strategic solutions for risk management 

LOGiQ3 is where you'll meet our life insurance and reinsurance experts. Specializing in underwriting, claims, auditing and reinsurance administration, we deliver premium consulting and outsourcing services. Whether you are looking for short-term tactical support or long-term strategic solutions we take on your challenges so that you can focus on success. Let us give you the Freedom to Think.  

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APEXA: Platform for advisor contracting and licensing


The centralized platform for advisor contracting and licensing.

APEXA is a web-based, distribution compliance tool that eases the burden of managing the compliance between life insurance companies, brokers and their sales advisors. Through industry collaboration, APEXA is simplifying advisor contracting and screening for the life industry. Learn how you can become part of the revolutionary APEXA story.

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TAI: Software that simplifies reinsurance administration and risk management


The software that simplifies reinsurance administration and risk management. 

TAI provides the complete software solution for life companies to self-report all reinsurance business; ceded or retroceded in an electronic format to share with your reinsurance partners. TAI reinsurance system is used to administer LOGiQ3's outsourced reinsurance administrative services

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Open collaboration+ global diversity = accelerated insurance innovation simplified


Inspired by a test kitchen, Cookhouse lab is a collaborative space for innovative thinkers. Welcoming insurance, reinsurance and  pension carriers experts, financial services professionals, entrepreneurs and academics from around the globe to join in on developing solutions for the current and future trends of InsurTech.


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Cookhouse Labs: Accelerated insurance innovation simplified

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