Outsourced Reinsurance Administration

Confidently Delivering Ceded & Assumed Administration Solutions

Reinsurance outsourcing is a significant decision not to be taken lightly.

It impacts internal controls, people, technology, and your business model. However, when considered as part of an overall sourcing strategy, it can extend your organization’s capabilities and allow for increased focus on core business activities.

Our outsourced reinsurance administration service offering handles all aspects of ceded and assumed reinsurance operations. With our flexible pricing approach and reinsurance expertise, we can help you achieve operational efficiency, quality improvement, strategic advantage, and implement the best administrative technology solutions to support your business.

Find the support you are looking for:

Ceded Administration Support

  • Enables you to manage the complexities of various blocks of business acquired over time including legal entities and technology platforms
  • Provides dedicated resources to deal with current and future business needs that may have been affected by changes in company direction, high staff turnover or recent merger or acquisition activity
  • Simplifies inefficient manual processes and consolidates platforms for complex business arrangements
  • Allows you to manage closed or run-off blocks of business
  • Effectively administers reinsurance business with industry infrastructure, technology and platforms, such as TAI

Our ceded administration support includes ceded premium administration, cession maintenance, claims management, exception handling, and accounting

Assumed Administration Support

  • Manage challenges and complexities of retrocession business
  • Provide the necessary resources to manage business effectively if dealing with high staff turnover
  • Implement additional manual processes to facilitate the process of assuming complex business with several administrative platforms
  • Provide solutions for ongoing retention management issues or inability to handle risks
  • Build processes and controls to meet business requirements for new entrants to the reinsurance market
  • Allows you to manage closed or run-off blocks of business
  • Effectively administer reinsurance business with the right technology infrastructure

Our assumed administration support includes retention management, financial reporting, cash management, claims review and premiums.

What can you expect from our services?

  • Secured data management and transfers through a dedicated platform with limitless capacity
  • Full service support for communication with ceding companies and or retrocessionaires
  • Confidence in treaty management when creating, administering and maintaining data
  • Confidence in treaty compliance when administering claims, policy changes and conversions. Leverage AIM, our standardized approach for treaty, premium and compliance testing
  • Licensing use of TAI, the North American market leader in ceded reinsurance systems

Whether ceded or assumed business, our team of experts are equipped to handle: 

  • Life insurance products 
  • Supplementary benefits (i.e. accelerated death benefit, long term care, waiver of premium, and other riders) 
  • Self-administered individual, bulk and individual cession reinsurance
  • Coinsurance and YRT arrangements 


Reinsurance administration is a complex business process. Let our experts guide you through it.


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