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Underwriting Training Program: Individual Course Pricing

Each of our courses include both a LEARN and CHECK portion. The APPLY section, which is comprised of case studies, that are reviewed by industry experts are available as an add-on.

Learn through our underwriting training program

The LEARN portion of our courses include online interactive videos and knowledge quizzes throughout the course.

Check your work through case studies

The CHECK portion includes a multiple choice examination after each course with immediate scoring.

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  • Pay Per Course
  • 1-Year License

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Real case studies, evaluated with feedback and mentoring by industry experts

APPLY not available for the following courses: Medical Terminology & Proper File Documentation, and Tumors: Overview.

From:$100 USD

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  • $125 CAD
  • €90 EUR
  • £75 GBP
  • Pay Per Case Study
  • 1-Year License

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Core Disciplines of Life Underwriting

Fundamentals of Underwriting


4 Courses | Duration: 3+ Hours of Video
Before you can underwrite a case, you must master the fundamentals. That means knowledge of medical terminology, best practices for documentation, the effects of pharmaceuticals, and how to assess an applicant’s build and blood pressure.
 Cardiac | Diabetes | GI | Respiratory Underwriting Course

Cardiac | Diabetes | GI | Respiratory

9 Courses | Duration: 10+ Hours of Video
These diseases and disorders, and the organs they affect, are the most common life underwriters see.
Cancer Risk Underwriting Courses


6 Courses | Duration: 4+ Hours of Video
Each course in this section focuses on a different organ. First is a general overview on tumors, before covering how tumors affect the prostate, breasts, skin, colon, lymphoma and leukemia.
Blood & Urinary Disorders Underwriting Courses

Blood & Urinary Disorders

4 Courses | Duration: 4+ Hours of Video
You’ll learn how to read the blood chemistry profile and urinalysis exam, as well as the genitourinary system and hematology.
 Lifestyle, Mental & Finance Underwriting Courses

Lifestyle, Mental & Finance

6 Courses | Duration: 4+ Hours of Video
Everything a life underwriter needs to know about lifestyle choices and mental disorders that can affect mortality and morbidity.
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