Reinsurance Operations & Systems Services

We are here to make sure you have the right systems, technology and processes in place to accurately administer your reinsurance business.

How we optimize your reinsurance operations and systems:

  • Assess reinsurance infrastructure, processes, workflows and controls
  • Review system and treaty data for accuracy and compliance
  • Outline and quantify potential risks
  • Validate existing data mapping and documentation
  • Advise on system improvements and efficiencies
  • Implement systems and upgrades
Avoiding real treaty system errors

Discover 6 real treaty system errors that have cost companies significant financial impact.

We work with TAI to combine the right people, processes & technology
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People that give you flexibility

Gain a dependable team of reinsurance experts to accurately administer your reinsurance business 24/7, using optimal controls and infrastructure.

You wouldn’t have to be concerned about inaccuracies in reinsurance billings, staffing for backlogs, or a less than stellar internal or reinsurer audit.


Technology that is industry leading

Confidently manage your ceded or assumed reinsurance with a reliable reinsurance system.

By processing life and annuity reinsurance in an electronic format, you will be able to access and consume the data with ease and make important business decisions.

Processes that you can trust

We have the resources and expertise to conduct in-depth operational assessments of reinsurance blocks.

Our recommendations and implementation of solutions allows you to reclaim productivity.

Our proven methodologies are used to improve treaty management, implement quality controls or facilitate system migrations and upgrades.

Why Choose Us?

Leading Reinsurance Software
Leading Reinsurance Software


Implement our reliable suite of industry leading reinsurance software. Combat challenges with your existing or lack of reinsurance system and gain confidence in your data processing

Experts in Data Accuracy
Experts in Data Accuracy


Get an in-depth assessment of administration operations, treaties and data management processes. Benefit from sustainable, go-forward plans to prevent future operational mishaps

Skilled Resources for operations
Skilled Resources


Access short-term, tactical support or long-term solutions implemented by a dedicated team of experts to promote a steady state and ongoing health of your operations.

Proven Expertise

LOGiQ3 Group

5.0 million

reinsurance cessions
under management

$250 billion (usd)

total net amount at risk
under management
10+ years of consulting and outsourcing experience in life re/insurance industry
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active licenses

in use,canada,
caribbean, & hong kong

96% market share

of the top 50
ceding insurers in north america

by premium volume

30+ years of industry leading software experience


Our outsourced administration services operate according to attestation standards. 


Giving you confidence in risk management.

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
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