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"I happened to speak to one of your recent underwriting training graduates over the weekend. She shared with me her opinion about your classes and training. She felt it was excellent and now that she is doing cases it has provided her with all she needs to do her job.

And coming from a doctor, I thought it was a real compliment.

She had only the nicest things to say about the program.
This is not the only graduate I have come across that has raved about the success of the program. I have been managing for the last few years and have been reviewing/2nd signing for a couple of your graduates, and I can truly see the difference in their competence and underwriting knowledge.

Congratulations on a job well done! Feel free to share my feedback with your colleagues. As it is always nice to know your on the right track.

Sandra Viteri, Underwriting Manager, Sun Life Financial (Toronto) (2012)