Underwriting Operations and Systems

Give yourself the optimal mix of underwriters, processes, and techology your business deserves.

Thorough, independent, and in-depth strategic reviews of your underwriting operations is what we do.


Offering expert recommendations to help move your existing underwriting department towards industry best practices and meeting your future needs. Looking for support throughout the process? We can help.

Our underwriting experts have built, and consulted on best practices to some of the largest insurers and reinsurers globally, in terms of;

  • Point of Sale decisions (teleunderwriting, teleinterviewing)
  • Underwriting process,
  • Approval limits,
  • Underwriting manual,
  • Organizational design and
  • Efficiency

Consider the following

  • Are you adequately staffed and have the capabilities to make point of sale decisions? 
  • Is your current underwriting process flow the most efficient it can be?
  • What procedures can we add in order to improve the underwriting processes and controls currently in place?
  • Are we adequately staffed with underwriters with the right skill set to meet our underwriting volumes and product mix?
  • We are undergoing an underwriting systems implementation, will my current process and work flow support it?

Achieve synergies across your organization and improve your underwriting capacity & collaboration.


What you get from our reviews

The features of each Underwriting Operations and Systems review may vary, depending on your business objectives and needs. Our reviews may include the following components:

  • Facultative Operation and Productivity
  • Underwriting Staff - Productivity and Skills
  • Medical Staff - Effectiveness and Skills
  • Teleinterviewing or Teleunderwriting capabilities 
  • Review of processes and controls to identify areas where there may be gaps or risks which need to be addressed
  • Client relations, driven by key client feedback
  • Intra-departmental and intra-company relations
  • Review of underwriting systems in use
  • Review of management reports available
  • Recommendations for any changes to consider implementing in current processes

How you benefit

The benefits of conducting an review with us are:

  • Independent Feedback – as a leader within an organization it can be difficult to obtain unbiased, objective feedback about your underwriting capabilities – we provide that unfiltered, objective viewpoint
  • Industry Benchmarking – we are able to provide guidance on where your capabilities lie in relation with your peers through feedback from your key clients – feedback that may be difficult to obtain directly
  • Actionable Insights – we provide real, tangible next steps to improve your underwriting capabilities

Identify gaps and areas of improvements in your business.


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