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A skilled and credible team

We invite you to meet the underwriters that our clients love to work with. From all walks of life, with different backgrounds ranging from kinesiology, medical, applied science to even finance and mathematics, our team of underwriters have the skills and expert knowledge to help you with your underwriting needs.

Here are some of the details of our team of skilled underwriters: 

  • All skill levels of underwriter available from junior to senior (spanning anywhere between 1-20+ years experience)
  • Multilingual underwriters
  • All sizes of underwriting teams provided

 Training Underwriters from Trainee to Senior Level


A professional and social network of underwriters

From the Underwriters Association of Toronto to the Association of Home Office Underwriters, our credible team of underwriting experts take their profession seriously, both in and out of the office. Continued education is what we're about, and we mean it when we say knowledge is our people.

Industry Designations for Underwriting


Results that matter

Give yourself and your team the performance and results you deserve. The essence of our underwriting is quality, accuracy, timeliness and effective communication. Here are some of the stats on our team's performance:

Quality, Productivity and Time Service Results


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Hear from our experts on hot underwriting topics like underwriting HIV, Proper File Documentation Skills, Overcoming the Challenges of APS' and more!

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Underwriting in Action

Learn how our underwriting solutions helped a large Canadian insurer in this case study

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