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What do our Underwriting Training Program Alumni have to say?

Whether your background is in medicine, health, kinesiology, science, or something entirely different like mathematics, our underwriting training program can equip you with the essentials to becoming successful underwriting professionals! Hear from our alumni!


Nicole Stricker, Manager

Manager, New Business Underwriting, Co-operators Life Insurance Company

Nicole co-manages a team of 28+ underwriters and works primarily with the most senior underwriters and consultants. With a background in Law, Nicole has an interesting story into how she stumbled into Life Underwriting! Read her story here: 

How much does continuing education play in advancing an underwriter’s role?

Structured Underwriting roles are directly based on this. In our organization, one cannot advance in their career without continued education.

Advancements to the next level do not occur without that added education. And the experience an underwriter gets everyday, as well as the advanced education, like obtaining one's FALU & FLMI, are required.

Continued underwriting education helps you become a big picture thinker, which is crucial in this field. 

What advice would you provide to an individual that is looking to pursue a career in Underwriting?

If you're looking for a career path that's conducive to growth and development, and helping clients… then this would be a job you find rewarding.

Advice: education and continued education! To do well as an underwriter, you have to put in the time for continued education and keeping up to date with what’s going on in the industry.

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Q: What advice would you give to someone pursuing a career in underwriting?


"Education, and continued education"


"Stay up to date with current health trends"


"No shortcuts, put in the time to succeed"

Jeff Schafer, Consultant

Underwriting Consultant, Life and Health Benefits, New Business Underwriting, Co-operators Life Insurance Company

As an underwriting consultant, Jeff underwrites life, health & disability products and takes a primary role in speaking with advisors firsthand. With a background in Kinesiology, medical and the human anatomy, Jeff was a natural fit for life underwriting. 

How do you feel the LOGiQ3 program has contributed to your success within your career?

The word "instrumental" is absolutely correct. The LOGiQ3 Underwriting Training program laid the foundation for what my job as a life underwriter was going to be. We collectively, went through the learning curve and got me working on Attending Physician's Statements (APS).

It absolutely gave me the base that was required for life underwriting. What's more, the content in the ALU books was DIRECTLY covered in our LOGiQ3 training courses. The program's content was VERY in depth and it was directly usable on the job.

What underwriting designations did you have prior to joining our training program? And which do you have now?

Previously: none

Since completing LOGiQ3's Underwriting Training Program: I've obtained my FALU and FLMI designations. 

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Isabelle Azevedo, Underwriter

Underwriter, LOGiQ3

Isabelle has a unique story of how she joined LOGiQ3's growing alumni. With a bachelor's degree in mathematics, Isabelle, like many new graduates, was looking for an interesting career. Hear her story on how she went from underwriting intern, to a full time career in life underwriting!

Your learning and training experience was entirely online. How was that experience for you?

My classes were online, which was nice because I was able to work at my own pace.

Since I came into this program with no medical background at all, it was beneficial to be able to pause or even re-watch sections that were particularly difficult.

How do you feel the program has contributed to your success within your career?

The program has specifically given me a strong medical background, which I did not have prior and I now use on a daily basis.

It also played an essential role in my preparation for my first ALU exam.

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