A Customized Solution for Underwriting Training Managers

Easily incorporate videos or online learning courses into your training program

Courses designed to supplement your training program

Let our underwriting training program help you:

  • Develop consistency in underwriting knowledge across your team
  • Provide progress metrics on your teams strengths and weaknesses
  • Alleviate strain on your internal resources
  • Deliver on-demand video content that compliments your existing content
  • Integrate video with your in-class training, use our learning management system (LMS), or a hybrid of the two

Our immersive program is customizable and provides in-depth performance reports

Reporting lets you understand your students'

  • Course progress
  • Performance
  • Hours of study
  • Test scores
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Course Customization


Our Learning Model




  • Underwriting training starts here. LEARN the essentials through online, interactive videos. Demonstrate theoretical understanding using quick knowledge quizzes throughout the course. Once you've gained knowledge on all facets of risk selection, it is time to CHECK progress.


  • CHECK levels of knowledge and critical thinking skills through an automated, multiple choice examination after each course. Receive immediate scoring to understand current progress and determine if you are ready to APPLY the knowledge.


  • Now it is time to put theory to practice by underwriting real cases. Receive personalized evaluation and feedback from industry experts. APPLY provides the opportunity to demonstrate skill sets while adopting industry best practices for decision making. Upon completion, the knowledge gap has successfully been closed.


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A Training Program Designed to Accelerate Underwriting Careers



Flexible Learning


Education for All Levels


Industry Ready


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  • Students can learn at their own pace, whether during personal or company time.
  • Online courses are easily accessible anytime.
  • In-depth candidate analysis and progress tracking gives you the ability to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Students can follow a custom learning plan to address any potential knowledge gaps.
  • Suitable for different levels of underwriting within any team, from recent graduates to highly experienced Senior Underwriters.

  • There are 29 courses covering all facets of risk selection from medical to lifestyle and financial.

  • A program designed by Underwriters, for Underwriters.

  • Online learning is supplemented by coaching, mentoring and open communication with industry experts.

  • Put the student in the role of the Underwriter and allow them to develop their underwriting skills.




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